Affordable Homeopathy for Family Minor Illnesses

Affordable Homeopathy for Family Minor Illnesses

Affordable Homeopathy for Family Wellness and Acute Care

NOTE: If you have a dangerous, life-threatening injury or illness please use common sense – call 911 in emergencies. We are not medical doctors, nor are our services a replacement for emergency conventional medical care.

Homeopathy has excellent drug-free options for minor, short-term, but uncomfortable illnesses. The Houston Homeopathy Center now offers an affordable “minor, acute and urgent care” option. We also offer drug-free/vaccine-free wellness options for those who seek a natural approach to disease resistance, illness relief and health for themselves or families. We can help your family via phone 5 days per week, right from the comfort of your home. We even offer a 24/7 pager (page return fees apply) after hours and on weekends for established clients.

It’s Quick! You have access to one of our homeopaths as needed, have a consultation in the comfort of home, and with a basic remedy kit, it’s like having your family’s own pharmacy in a box!

Fast-track to help:

  1. A no-obligation way to save time and worry: send in each family member’s basic intake paperwork and payment information* now – before you need us. Once you are in our system, one call gains immediate access to an appointment with one of our practitioners, on a space-available basis.
  2. Purchase, even customize your own “Home Health with Homeopathy Readiness kit” You save money on the purchase of several of our bundled, hand-chosen recommended items. When someone is sick, because you’re already established, you can have a consultation, get directions and spring into action without leaving home!
  3. Phone appointments are convenient, efficient, and save time and suffering. No need to drag an already sick person out of bed!
  4. Your remedies on hand can usually address the current “crisis mode” symptoms and bring relief quickly. If additional items are needed, we can ship quickly to your doorstep.

*Your payment information is kept on file, safe and secure until needed. No charges are made until you have a consultation or purchase remedies.
This great, drug-free option for minor and acute illnesses or healing support is now more affordable than ever. Some examples of our services include:

Care for Babies and Children:

Sore throats
Various contagious illnesses
Coughs, croup
Childhood illnesses
Teething pain
Fussy babies
Diaper rashes
Diarrhea or Constipation from viral illnesses
Sleeplessness (non-chronic)
“Breakthrough” illnesses when vaccines fail

Family Care:

All of the above in children or adults plus
Occasional (not chronic) minor headaches
Sinus pain and congestion
Urinary discomfort
Allergy “attacks”
Food poisoning
Allergic reactions (minor, non-life-threatening)
Digestive disturbances (non-chronic)

Homeopathic first aid:

Minor burns, cuts, scrapes
Smashed fingers/toes (after fractures are ruled out or set if present)

Next business day non-urgent care by appointment:

Support of the healing process after minor injuries, athletic injuries, broken bones, surgery, dental work, etc.
Vaccine information/exemption/option counseling
Alternative health options to support health & immunity
Breastfeeding help for both Mom and baby
Breast health during nursing such as mastitis, fungal irritations
Post-partum emotional/hormonal issues
Fungal symptoms
Athlete’s foot
Jock Itch
Fungal skin irritations
Vaginal itching

Have questions? Get in touch with us!

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