Why You Shouldn’t Give Up: Testimonials and Case Studies from Our Clients

Links below will take you to testimonials from Homeopathy Center of Houston clients or families of clients.

We thank them all for graciously allowing us to share their personal stories here so that others may know of the ongoing work and progress at the Houston Center for Homeopathy.

This is a wonderful place!

This is a wonderful place! I very much enjoy corroborating with this provider while also successfully treating vaccine injury and autism!! I highly recommend!! Michelle Rowton James

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And from another mom:  “OH MY GOSH!

And from another mom:  “OH MY GOSH! They’re both talking! Please tell the world that homeopathy works. We haven’t done sequential homeopathy, but before we finished our first order of the Relief & Support Program both of my kids are speaking, so I’m reordering a...

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I can’t say enough good things about this practice

I can’t say enough good things about this practice. I had the pleasure of working with Cindy as well as the other homeopaths. From the common cold to the support and treatment of our children with specials needs — I can’t thank them enough for their time and...

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On a Journey to Recovery…

I started visiting a classical homeopath when C. was 2 because she had severe molluscum on her torso and was very surprised at how quickly C. responded to the chosen remedy (Silica) and how much her skin improved after using it. This gave me the confidence to go to...

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I have to admit I was extremely skeptical

When I reached out to HCH in 2016, I have to admit I was extremely skeptical. However, none of the countless resources I had utilized had helped my twin daughters. One of my daughters suffered from extreme anxiety, sensory issues and delayed expressive language. My...

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Homeopathy for Autism – Dave Snyder (Part 2)

Toxin Induced Autism Contributed Dave Snyder Hi Lindyl and Cindy, I just had to write to let you know a couple of things that we think are huge just since starting this last round of clearings. I know that this month started birth clears, and we heard something...

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A Case of Eczema – Selah

A Case of Eczema  was contributed by Rebecca Snowden My daughter Selah was born healthy and strong. She was breastfed and enjoyed being held in the ocean from three months old. When she graduated to eating solid foods, mindful preparation was taken to ensure proper...

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