We have now reopened for regular business hours: Tuesday thru Friday 9am-4pm Central Time. Thank you for your patience as we catch up and our shippers begin to normalize shipping times in the next week or two. Hurricane Beryl is now in our rearview mirror and we are excited to once again be able to serve you!

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What We Do

The Homeopathy Center of Houston offers professional consultations in homeopathic medicine. We work with virtually any chronic or acute illness, allergies, vaccine injury, anxiety, depression, tick-borne illnesses, PANDAS and autism spectrum disorders, and more. We then provide necessary homeopathic remedies based on our consultations. Our exclusive combination of Sequential homeopathy with many additional homeopathic approaches, offers a highly individualized, deeply cleansing, healing, comprehensive approach:

The Houston Homeopathy Method™

What Our Clients Say

“Although we are on a budget, the money paid to HCH each month is priceless. If you are hesitant, please go for it.You have a wonderful child that has a change to emerge. I wish I had done this two years ago.”



When I was referred to HCH by a friend I look back now and almost cry out of joy that they were brought into my son’s life. We could have wasted so much money on other treatments and protocols but instead have found them to begin with. HCH is a very big answer to a mother’s prayers. My son is recovering as he now interacts more with other children, looks at me for approval and has begun talking again after his MMR clear.


This is a wonderful place! I very much enjoy corroborating with this provider while also successfully treating vaccine injury and autism!! I
Highly recommend!!


Michelle Rowton James
Homeopathy Center of Houston is an amazing place with caring people. They are the best at what they do!! I am off antibiotics after depending on them for 40 years for UTI. I’ve been using remedies for 2 years and feeling much better all the time!
Thank you Homeopathy Center of Houston!!

Sherrie Brown
Homeopathy Works! Thanks for being there and for speaking out.

Kris Lange-Brown

Homeopathic Medicine: Safe Answers for Health and Healing

There is hope. There are solutions at the Homeopathy Center of Houston. Let’s find them together.

Just because others offer no answers for your or your child’s health problems doesn’t mean there are none. Maybe you’ve encountered pessimistic “experts” unwilling to seek solutions to chronic illnesses, allergies, autism, OCD, PANDAS, or other problems. You don’t have to accept their assessments. Think differently – and don’t suffer or allow your child to suffer without considering all the options.

The Houston Homeopathy Method: a complete, stand-alone, health remediation and detoxification system for chronic and acute illness.

Safe homeopathic medicine for your family’s health.

Sequential Homeopathy
for Chronic Illness

Sequential Homeopathy
for Autism

Autism Relief
& Support Program

Sequential Homeopathy

Recognition and Remediation of Vaccine Injury

Vaccine injuries are broad-ranging

Documented from vaccine package inserts, as provided by the vaccine manufacturers, scientific research, as well as clinical and anecdotal evidence, they can include: autism, sensory, skin, neurological, respiratory, digestive, elimination, sleep and emotional disorders, and even death. If you, or someone you know has been injured by a vaccine, or have chronic problems of unknown origin –


Video Library

Do you or your child experience…

  • Nervousness or fears
  • Anger, tantrums, opposition or aggression towards others
  • Obsessions and compulsions such as:
  • Getting stuck on subjects or details
  • Rituals such as handwashing, organizing, sorting, touching before moving on
  • Over-fastidiousness

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