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Our Programs

Welcome to the Homeopathy Center of Houston

There are several different ways to work with us.

Homeopathy for Autism

Have you spent too much time, money and effort trying different supplements and drugs, only to realize that these options helped only a little or even made things worse? Take control of your child’s health and get generalized detoxification, pain reduction and overall health improvements with autism-specific professional formulas.

We’ve helped almost 200 children fully recover from autism, and we want your child to be next. Hundreds more have seen life-changing improvements in their health and behavior.

Individualized Sequential Homeopathy for Autism

Non-InvidualizedAutism Relief and Support Program

Download our Ebook:

“101 Autism and Developmental Delays the Houston Homeopathy Method has Helped”

Homeopathy for PANDAS

If you or a family member is struggling with anxiety, sudden angry outbursts, deep and unexplained sadness, severe panic, sudden onset OCD symptoms, or if you have a child on the autism spectrum who may also have PANDAS.

Is it mental Illness or is it Pandas?

Download our free e-book explaining the mental Illness and Pandas.


Homeopathy for chronic illness

Struggling with a chronic illness? Homeopathy seeks to heal the causation of your chronic illness, not just temporarily relieve the symptoms.

Homeopathy for detoxification and immune support

A toxic body will become a sick body. Homeopathy can cleanse your system and thereby, support and improve your health. Discover what people all over the world have experienced for over 2 centuries.

Homeopathic detoxification is a great way to clean up and support your cells, organs and your whole system. Meanwhile, we also work with you to try to avoid a buildup of toxins you are exposed to every day in our toxic world – all without yucky tasting or expensive drinks or supplements!

Homeopathy for urinary tract pain relief

Are you suffering with urinary urging, frequency or pain? So many people do. After a while antibiotics stop working, as each new round brings slower relief, and the attacks come more frequently, eventually becoming chronic. A urinary infection can bring you to your knees – the constant urging without relief is truly maddening.

Homeopathy for sinus relief

Our founder was on the sinus infection/antibiotic not-so-merry-go-round for almost 2 decades when homeopathy eliminated her final 6-month long, nonstop sinus infection. In her case, it wasn’t just temporary relief. That infection hasn’t returned in well over 20 years! If you’ve suffered with sinus pressure, headache, pain and congestion.

Homeopathy for airborne allergies

Homeopathy for airborne allergies works to relieve allergies from three directions: relief of your current symptoms (like sneezing, stuffiness, and runny nose), reduction of sensitivity of your system to many of the most common pollens, dust and mold spores, and mild detoxification of the heavy metals and other pollutants that create irritability of the mucus membranes.

​Homeopathy for all other issues

Don’t see your issue on this list?

 Don’t worry, we’ve worked with many people over the years to heal all different kinds of illnesses and diseases.

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