Autism-Focused Homeopathy

Autism-Focused Homeopathy

Autism Pioneers since 2003.

The original and only homeopathic approach based on the biomedical model of autism. Two programs for different budgets, different goals. Get our FREE Comparison Guide.

Sequential Homeopathy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

We can take the confusion out of helping your child. We will craft a unique plan to help you improve your child’s health. The complexities of autism behaviors and its multitude of causations requires a complex and individualized approach, peeling way one layer at a time.

By listening and following the body’s cues, it is possible work back through layers of trauma with homeopathic remedies to reach the ultimate goal – the healthy individual at the core. The Houston Homeopathy Method does exactly that.

We applied our extensive knowledge and experience with sequential homeopathy to the research done by the biomedical pioneers of autism, Defeat Autism Now!(R). We listen to the body’s signals, and we follow the client’s personal history narrative, the health timeline, to gently lift the layers of toxins & trauma, while supporting the healing & rebalancing process along the way.

In so doing we have developed one of the most systematic, individualized and successful approaches to homeopathy for autism in the world.

You provide us with a timeline of your child’s unique health history, and a vaccine record. Then we take the pressure off of you by developing an overall plan, and each month we consult to determine the next step in the process. Each time we determine what your child needs for the next month, based upon the symptoms s/he demonstrates, comparing it to the historical timeline.

Then we provide it in a package, and it is conveniently delivered to your doorstep (or you may pick up, if you live in the Houston area.). No travel is necessary, which takes further stress off you and your child. And we are there for you for any questions or concerns along the way. We also rejoice with you as you see the layers drop away and the core human being beneath begin to surface!

Homeopathy Autism Relief + Support Program for Spectrum Disorders

The Houston Homeopathy Autism Relief + Support Program offers specific groups of exclusively formulated, professional homeopathic products that have been developed by the Homeopathy Center of Houston specifically for our clients, in combinations which will of general benefit to most clients, based upon our years of experience. They are available only through our practitioners, never available in stores or other clinics.

  • YOU administer the program at home
  • YOU order refills online at your convenience 24/7 from home
  • YOU determine when you want to move from Level 1 to Level 2 – or back again – based on your child’s needs and responses.
  • YOU know your remedy costs because each package is pre-determined, and provides approximately a 2 month supply of each remedy
  • YOU determine the frequency of professional oversight you feel you need, if any, in addition to required annual 10 minute check-up appointments. Additional appointments are by appointment, and will be billed at the usual cost of $130 for a 30 minute follow-up.

“PLUS” means you are not alone!

Homeopathy can be confusing, even daunting to learn. We have already taken on the learning curve for you. With our Homeopathy Autism Relief + Support Program, you or your child becomes a client of Homeopathy Center of Houston, with additional access by appointment* to his/her professional homeopath available when and if you feel you need extra help and oversight. We begin with a 10 minute consultation so you can confidently get started as soon as you receive your remedies. (*Extra appointments will bill at regular rate of $130/30 minutes.)

Need more oversight? You are now an established client with your homeopath, and can schedule an appointment whenever you feel the need for more expert assistance. You determine your need for additional professional oversight.

Yet, you are not locked in to monthly appointments, as necessitated by the more intensive Houston Homeopathy Method™ sequential homeopathy program.

The Autism Relief + Support Program is not individualized, and it is not going to accomplish the depth of healing of the full Houston Homeopathy Method. But it allows access to some of our exclusively formulated autism-focused remedies that have been generally helpful to children with autism, even without sequential homeopathy.​

The Best Care You Can Get

Homeopathy is Our ONLY Specialty

Each of our professionals has 3+ years of post-grad formal training in homeopathy. We offer combined experience of over 50 years as professional homeopaths.

A Caring Staff

We have a small, but very dedicated staff, with years of experience meeting our clients’ needs.

Fairly Priced Consultations & Remedies

We constantly are aware of cost effectiveness. We only recommend what is necessary for the best possible outcome.


Quality Product

Products are sourced from FDA-approved and/or GMP homeopathic pharmacies in the US, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany – respected bastions of quality excellence.

Other Problems We Can Help

This is just a sampling-if you don’t see your complaint, call us. We can help.


Lyme and other tick-borne illness


Chronic Bowel Disorders


Inflammatory Illness of all types


Detoxification for overall health


Chronic infections (ear, sinus, etc.)


Respiratory Disorders


Allergies and Sensitivities





What Our Clients Say About Us

“My son was one of the cute kids in the video that recovered from autism. Houston Homeopathy is the reason I have my son back. My son is now 8 and in typical school doing great. He is a happy and healthy boy with lots of friends.I thank God everyday for the miracle of having my son back. To new parents never give up hope!”

Tina G.

“I can’t say enough good things about HCH. They saved my son, gave me back my son, gave my son a new life…whatever way you want to say it. He got hit by a terrible “bus” called Autism, and he has recovered. While you can’t be cured of “being hit by a bus”, recovery is possible…Thank you HCH. I can never thank you enough.”

Karen B.

Our Team of Homeopaths

Each of our team members brings her own experiences and expertise in holistic health to the table, in addition to homeopathy.






If you need more information, please explore our website. We have many videos, e-books and articles that go into as much or as little depth as you’d like before making a decision.

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