Cost of Autism Relief + Support Program

The Homeopathy Center of Houston offers professional consultations and provides
homeopathic remedies based on our consultations.

Autism Relief + Support Program $440 for 2 month supply, shipping to your door, and a brief, professional consultation. Affordability is the key!

Your cost averages $220 per month to consult with a professional homeopath for 10 minutes, plus a 2 month supply of professional remedies, at the standard usage instructions. Please note that each kit‡ contains approximately a 2 month supply* of 7 different exclusive homeopathic formulas, plus a one month supply each of two different professional strength probiotics (use one the first month, the other the second month, then alternate, ongoing).

These remedies and probiotics are not available anywhere else and are only sold as a part of our professional services to our clients.

Additional Consultations:

Need a little extra guidance along the way?  Is your child exhibiting changes and you need clarification? Seeing a new symptom or behavior?  You may call and schedule an optional additional consultation at any time for more individualized assistance.
These consultations are available by appointment during regular office hours, at our normal cost of $140 for 30 minutes.

Upgrading to the Houston Homeopathy Method™ is discounted for Autism Relief + Support Program’s clients

Want to go deeper with your child’s healing? Consider the deeply individualized, more deeply cleansing and healing Houston Homeopathy Method™.  As an active Autism Relief + Support Program’s client, at any time you are eligible for a one-time discount on your initial consultation to “upgrade” to the Houston Homeopathy Method™ of sequential homeopathy for autism. Details will be included in your first Autism Relief + Support Program package.

‡To maintain the healing integrity of the program, and its affordability, we cannot refill individual remedies.  The Autism Level 1 and Level 2 product packages are sold ONLY as complete 8- product groupings, each lasting approximately 2 months. 

*2 months is an approximation. Many factors may affect each bottle’s actual time-frame before refills are ordered. Your child may need more or less than the average amount recommended, care in counting drops, spillage, etc. may cause some variance.

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