Autism Relief + Support Program

Payment and Terms

Your initial consultation

Payment is due and payable at the time we schedule your appointment, and ship your remedies. Typically we will attempt to contact within a business day (Tuesday thru Friday) after receipt of your intake forms to schedule your appointment.  We will ship your remedies the next business day after your appointment. Your card will not be charged until we ship the remedies.

Once we ship remedies, there are no refunds for the initial package.  You are, however, under no future obligation to continue the program.

Please fill out the credit card  payment agreement form with signature of the primary card holder and submit securely online, or you may print and fax it to our office at 713-366-8710 as soon as possible so that we may schedule your consultation and ship your remedies.

65Future consultation payments

Future consultation payments will be charged to the credit card of record, at our normal rates for established clients. Our standard follow-up appointment is $165 for 30 minutes (effective Dec 30, 2021. SUBJECT TO CHANGE) If you feel you need less than that amount of time, please tell us when you schedule. If you are having any problems and the practitioner determines that she needs more time, she will let you know that it will be more expensive.

DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER ON THE FORM if you choose to use EMAIL. Fill out everything except the number, then we will call you and add the number later.

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