Digestion & Intestinal Relief & Support Program

Heartburn, bloating and gas, belly pain…or occasional constipation or diarrhea?  Maybe you suspect you might have “leaky gut syndrome?”

If you suffer from any of these problems, and just feel that your digestive system needs some help to rebalance and function better, our Digestion and Intestinal Relief and Support program is for you!

Did you know that your liver and gall bladder are often behind acid reflux and heartburn?  This kit includes a gentle detoxification and organ support combination that helps tone up all of the organs of elimination. A professionals-only spagyric oral combination can also give short term relief of stomach or esophageal discomfort. Science has now even linked anxiety and depression with gut inflammation and leaky gut!

Have you the feeling that your real problems lie in your intestines?  Inflammation of the intestinal tract is addressed with 3 of our exclusively formulated oral drops – one for general digestion support, another that helps to reduce the inflamed tissues that line the intestines, and third helps support the immune system in fighting off any pathogens that may be part of the problem.

Because most of us have had antibiotics at one time or another, our gut flora is out of balance.  Since our gut microorganisms make up 70-80% of our immune system, when they’re out of balance, so is everything else.  This package includes a formula that helps with some of the symptoms of dysbiosis in the intestines, to offset some of the die-off or symptoms created by the “bad gut bugs”.

To round it out and add in the good flora necessary for healthy digestion and elimination, we also include 2 professional strength probiotic supplements, a 1 month supply of each of two different probiotics (we will suggest taking one for the first month, then switching to the other one, so together it is a 2 month supply at suggested servings), our “probiotic duo” – it’s so great we even use it with most of our children we work with on the autism spectrum.  We’ve seen great results in reduced inflammation markers in several of them who have tested, and visible improvements in overall digestion and elimination in most of our clients. Each order should last approximately 2 months if the suggested amounts are taken on a regular basis.  

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Your first order of this great professionally designed program also includes a FREE 10 minute starter consultation with one of our homeopathic professionals (a $90 BONUS value!).

Total cost of 2 months supply of this  program including free shipping to your door is $345!

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