What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a non-invasive, systematic approach using tiny, dilute amounts of various substances to heal and/or relieve the symptoms of illness or injury. It is based upon the principle of “like treats like”. Example: A person suffering from poison ivy might be given a dilute, potentized homeopathic remedy that is made from poison ivy to treat their symptoms. Homeopathy works by moving the body to gently heal itself, using all the normal built-in healing mechanisms, rather than to try to fight a disease with a chemical or by manipulating the body to temporarily eliminate symptoms. The homeopath does not try to just eliminate symptoms, but seeks to find and resolve the causation of the problems for permanent health. Read more.
Is Homeopathy Safe?
Homeopathy has a 200 year completely clean record for safety. Homeopathic remedies are produced under international and FDA regulations for purity and safety. There is no record of any person ever dying or being permanently harmed from taking a homeopathic remedy, unlike conventional medications. Homeopathy has been used by many millions of consumers over the past 200 years. Many of the homeopathic remedies we use contain such minute amounts of chemical substances that there is no longer a chemically identifiable molecule remaining. Many remedies are available over-the-counter to consumers for self-limiting illnesses and conditions.
What is the Houston Homeopathy Method™?
To create the Houston Homeopathy Method for ASDs™ we have integrated many different approaches to the use of homeopathic preparations for healing. They include sequential homeopathy as a framework for healing along a “time line,” plus Enderlein’s pleomorphic remedies, a form of isopathy to reduce pathogens in the body, complex remedy combinations according to Reckeweg’s homotoxicology for detox support, gemmotherapy phytotherapy remedies, as well as custom combination remedies we have found to be specifically helpful for each client’s individual needs. We have chosen the best of all approaches to homeopathy and applied them to speed healing and make the healing process as smooth as possible along the way. While many homeopaths may use only a single remedy or single approach, we have found that autism responds very quickly when we combine the best of the best for health and healing.  Read more.
How are homeopathic remedies administered?
Homeopathic remedies are administered in several different ways. Most remedies are provided either on sucrose globules, or lactose tablets. Some are in a liquid solution of water, or an 80% water/20% alcohol or glycerin solution. These are what we typically dispense. There are topical homeopathic remedies in non-allergenic salves or ointments that may be used directly on the skin for first aid.
How can homeopathy help Autistic Spectrum Disorders?

Homeopathy can help ASDs in many ways, such as:

• By stimulating the body’s immune system to heal itself
• By undoing the damage from vaccines and their components
• By stimulating the body’s detoxification mechanisms for cleansing
• By gentle detoxification from heavy metals/toxic elements
• By rebalancing intestinal flora and fighting yeast overgrowth
• By rebalancing the pH in the gut, allowing an atmosphere for healing• By stimulating the body to release trapped bacteria and viruses (i.e. those received through vaccines, or which have been repeatedly suppressed with antiviral or anti-biotics) so they may be eliminated from cells of the intestines, brain, or anywhere else the body may be holding them.
• By stimulating the immune system to naturally resist disease
• By offering an alternative to drug suppression and side-effects through homeopathic treatment of acute, self-limiting diseases that may crop up.
• By crossing the “blood-brain barrier” to release toxins trapped in the brain cells.
• By supporting digestion and absorption

In the Houston Homeopathy Method™, we work one layer at a time to help wash the toxins out of the body that add to the problems of ASDs, and to undo the damage caused by vaccine reactions, antibiotic usage and other chemical drugs. We integrate additional remedies chosen according to homeopathic, pleomorphic and homotoxicology principles to get immediate help with some of the symptoms and behaviors that are problematic. We use deeper acting remedies that will do the long term healing and repair of the gut, the myelin sheath, the brain and all organs and systems. These aid digestion, balance brain chemistry and remediate physiological problems such as chronic ear or sinus infections, diarrhea, constipation, skin problems, and pain issues.

Does homeopathy help ADD, ADHD, PDD, Asperger’s Syndrome or Sensory Integration problems, as well as just autism?
Yes. All of these problems are biomedical conditions caused by the same things as autism, just to a lesser degree of involvement. We have even worked with adults with former psychological diagnoses of “agoraphobia” or fear of being in crowds, or of leaving one’s own home, using the same approach as we use for autism and found great improvement. It seems that many people have chosen not to leave their homes because their fears were actually sensory integration issues. They were overwhelmed by the outside environment in stores, crowds, etc. When we treated their gut inflammation (whether they knew they had it or not) their “fears” began to subside because they were no longer hypersensitive to their environment.
What is the difference between Classical and Sequential Homeopathy?
Classical or “constitutional” homeopathy is the basis of all homeopathic approaches, and is typically the only approach used by most homeopaths in the US . Classical homeopathy seeks to use a single, perfectly matched remedy as a means to address all the ills at once in a sick person, and to support their innate “constitution.” Our viewpoint is somewhat different, though it begins with the basics of all homeopathy. We may use the person’s classically chosen constitutional remedy near the end of our treatment, and for any residual ongoing problems. We view the current condition as a product of many events or “layers. There are layers to chronic illnesses, and blockages to healing, such as traumas and chemical toxins. Each layer should be individually addressed at the time it shows itself. This is where sequential homeopathy shines.

Sequential Therapy, which is the organizing framework of The Houston Homeopathy Method™, is the brain-child of Jean Elmiger, M.D. He realized that many of the chronic illnesses he had tried to heal using classical homeopathic methods often had their onset shortly after a vaccination had been given. The more he practiced, the more he realized that entire syndromes could be attached to post-vaccine trauma. He began using homeopathic remedies made from actual vaccine serum to eliminate the negative effects from the body, with consistent, observable results. Sequential homeopathy uses classical homeopathy, plus Sequential Therapy, but adds even more. Sequential homeopathy uses more than one remedy, often several, to detoxify chemicals and heavy metals, address physical traumas, emotional traumas, and chemical exposures and all aspects of any given situation in the past that may be contributing to current problems. The “sequence of events” is the guiding principle.

How long does it take to heal using the Houston Homeopathy Method™ for General Health?
Every case is individualized. That is the beauty of homeopathy. It also makes it difficult to say exactly how quickly any individual will respond to homeopathic treatment. Some symptoms will respond very quickly and dramatically, and others may take longer, depending upon how long a condition has lasted. For an adult with a chronic problem, the the traditional “rule of thumb” is about a month of healing for every year one has had a disease or set of symptoms, but there are infinite factors that determine how long it will actually take. Medical science is still in its infancy studying the human “immune system” which is in fact, hundreds of interrelated checks and balances. No one can truly determine how long any one person’s healing will take. But we do see ongoing improvements for our clients – it is a dynamic, ever-changing process not usually a single “switch on/switch off” event. Some of the changes are subtle. An adult may take 1-1/2 to 3 or 4 years to completely clear through to causational events – again it is all extremely dependent upon myriad factors, from traumas, drug history, age when starting with us, how strong or burdened the immune system, etc. Many adults find that it is worthwhile to work back for years with us, as they feel better with each subsequent set of packets, working to deeply detoxify for better health as they age.
How long does it take for children to heal with the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism?
For children, the above mentioned “rule of thumb” is typically expanded because we “clear through” each set of “well child” vaccines at a rate of about once per month, and with every passing year we see children coming to us with more and more vaccines that take us longer to work through. So for children to clear just their personal timeline (which is a first cleansing pass for us) allow at least one month per vaccine date on their history, at minmum. This is to allow time for each trauma related to that event to detoxify and heal. Some children will show improvement within the first two or three months, others may not seem to show improvements until well after we’ve completed clearing of their timeline and move to deeper, inherited problems. To complete an entire life “timeline” depends upon other factors, including age, medications that require clearing away, etc. We usually anticipate young children will need about a year to a year and a half to get through their entire lifetime of events, then another year or so to work through inherited toxins and hereditary predispositions. Once again, there are many factors that will determine how long it may take to fully heal/recover depending upon overall health, number of prescription drugs used, number of traumas in their life, and amount of chronic problems. During this time, however, health is improving all along the way. Even if the evidence is subtle, ongoing improvement is inevitable over time with homeopathy. There is a saying that “if you are breathing, homeopathy can and does help.”
Can homeopathy help chronic ear or sinus infections, allergies or asthma?
Yes! Homeopathy helps to break the cycle of “get a cold, get an infection, go on antibiotics, get off antibiotics, get the infection or the cold back.” Homeopathy can eliminate the yeast and heavy metals that are partially at the root of these constant infections. It can treat the current symptoms when and if they arise, and homeopathy can improve the immune system along the way to ultimately fight off the colds and toxicities that trigger these problems. Allergies are an abnormal sensitivity to pollens, animal dander, foods molds and other things in life. These sensitivities are often caused because the body has too many toxins, especially mercury and aluminum, which become sealed into the body when we shut down the detox mechanisms of the runny nose and eyes by taking anti-biotics, anti-histamines or decongestants. With homeopathy, as the body learns once again to utilize those mechanisms and becomes less toxic, the allergies begin to subside. Asthma is usually one of the final steps in a progression that is set in motion by aluminum and/or mercury toxicity. The progression often begins as dry skin or eczema, then progresses to chronic ear “infections” or fluid behind the eardrum, and finally as asthma. With sequential homeopathy and homotoxicology, as the toxic metals are removed, the asthma abates, then the ear infections disappear and the skin clears.
Can homeopathy work even if my child is taking regular drugs?
Yes, however, some of the drugs may cause the remedies to work more slowly or with less efficiency than if the child were not taking the drugs. Homeopathy does not interact with allopathic drugs, but some drugs may interfere with the action of the homeopathic remedies. No medications should be discontinued without professional supervision and advisement from the prescribing physician. Please advise your homeopath of current or past use of pharmaceutical drugs or chelation, as well as supplements currently in use.
What if we don’t live in Houston? Can you still help us?
Absolutely. In fact, in all cases, we suggest that initials be done only by phone – it is a long time for any child, but for an autistic child, the 1-1/2 hour initial is often difficult. Additionally, you have questions, and we have a great deal of information to pass on and discuss during this crucial first consultation, so usually it is best done via phone, or at least when the child is not present in the office. We would like occasional consults in our offices so we can observe behaviors and changes, but most of the time we handle the consults over the phone, and send remedies through the mail. Where an in-person consult is impossible, we ask that you send a videotape and photos of your child before the consultation so we can observe his/her behavior. Also, we have occasional outreach visits to various parts of the USA.
How often will we need to have appointments?
We suggest that appointments be set every 3-5 weeks. This allows a much smoother healing process, as each layer surfaces, rather than jumping from crisis to crisis. Remember, the more frequently and regularly we see your child, the faster s/he can progress with healing. We do not recommend appointments more frequently than every 3 weeks, in order to allow each set of remedies time to fully act. Part of the reason for this natural rhythm may be that it takes approximately 3-5 weeks for the body to completely renew the lymph that is crucial to detoxification. As a disease of toxicity and viral overload, autism utilizes this important body “resource” very efficiently.
Is homeopathic treatment expensive?
Homeopathic treatment is not as expensive as most conventional treatment. However, since it is not usually covered by medical insurance, it may seem expensive because we don’t get “kickbacks” or insurance payments after the fact – the hidden costs you don’t see in traditional medical care. Homeopathy is very time-intensive for the practitioner. The time of the actual consultation is only part of the time devoted by the homeopath to each individual case. Homeopathic remedies have a range of prices. Our office has chosen to price remedies individually, in addition to the consultation fee. This is because some clients require more remedies and some require less. We do not believe in penalizing those who require fewer remedies by having them pay for those who need more. The national average for a homeopathic consultation is $500-1500 for initials, and $250-500 for follow ups, depending upon the experience and qualifications of the practitioner. This typically includes one single dose of one single remedy. We use multiple remedies, so we can address many levels of healing at one time, to provide as smooth and consistent healing experience as possible. Our office charges $350 for a 1-1.5 hour initial consultation. Follow up visits are typically 30minutes long, and cost $120. For most of our autistic spectrum children, an additional $350-$600 is typically the monthly cost of remedies. Many of our parents have spent much more than that on their children’s drugs, chelation, dietary special items and supplements. As the child progresses, and during our course of action, typically we can eliminate the need for many drugs,which may interfere with the healing action of our remedies, and reduce the need significantly for supplements as the child begins to heal. This also ends up as a reduction in cost for the parents. As homeopaths, most of our information comes during these interview-style consultations, not from medical testing procedures. This means that we will typically not require any testing ahead of time. This means that your money will go toward your child’s healing, rather than for testing. We have tried to keep our consultation costs as low as possible and only charge for those things truly necessary. We know that the care of a child with autism is costly, and we try very hard not to add undue burden.

Most autism biomedical specialist doctors typically charge between $1000 and $3000 for an initial appointment, which typically includes only the consultation fee. Many require testing at additional cost prior to seeing a child. Because we base our recommendations on your child’s health, history and symptoms, in our office most of your costs will go directly to remedies that directly meet your child’s actual remedy needs.

Is homeopathy covered by my insurance?
Because we are not medical doctors, most insurance will not cover our consultations due to the requirement for a diagnosis code. We do not diagnose, because we are not doctors, and can only provide a paid invoice. We cannot intervene with insurance companies. However, a few insurance companies are beginning to cover a portion of homeopathic consult fees if you are referred by a medical doctor, osteopath, chiropractor or other licensed medical provider. Check with your insurance provider. We cannot submit insurance claims through our office.
Is homeopathy covered under medical savings plans (Flex-plan)?
Yes, homeopathic consultations are covered, but usually the remedies are not because they may be considered “over the counter” medicines. Please check with your human resource department or the IRS for the particulars. Usually we can help you estimate your annual costs fairly accurately so you can submit that estimate in early January of each year. Please inform us when you use flex plan so we may use special billing procedures that may be helpful to you.
How much testing will we have to do?
Homeopathy depends on description, in great detail, of the symptoms, observation of the client, and subjective questioning in an interview type consultation. We do not require test results to be able to work with a client. However, certainly it is always your option to have other testing done with an outside source if there is a concern about a serious, invisible problem, or for a baseline and marker of objective symptoms.
Can we get testing through Homeopathy Center of Houston?
Because we are not a medical clinic, and because testing is not necessary for us to provide you with homeopathic advice, we do not require, nor do we offer any medical tests of any kind. While you may submit your doctor’s test results, we cannot interpret test results for you. You can work with your family doctor or we may be able to refer you to someone who can order testing, if you wish.
Have you ever seen test results reflect changes in the pathology?
Yes. But again, we are not medical doctors, and cannot and do not interpret test results. These documented improvements came to us via the MDs who ordered the tests. We do not offer nor interpret test results.
Do homeopaths give diagnoses, prognoses, or special education labels?
We are not medical doctors, and cannot diagnose. Only licensed medical practitioners, school diagnosticians, psychologists and some psychiatrists can legally give any diagnosis. Homeopaths do not need, nor do we require a diagnosis or a label to work with any condition. We observe and ask that you help us by observing and describing your/your child’s symptoms, behaviors, activities, diet, etc. These are the tools of homeopathy. Prognosis is a term used for “predicting the outcome.” As homeopaths, we cannot predict the outcome, but are always willing to offer general ideas from our experience as to what you might expect. No one can accurately predict an ultimate outcome because every case is individualized. We can tell you what responses we have seen in similar cases. We at HCH do not believe in labeling children, because labels place psychological limitations on expectations.
Is homeopathy New Age Medicine or Eastern medicine?
Homeopathy is not “new age medicine.” It is a very scientific, safe medical system that holds answers to many modern age health problems. It is often lumped in with other holistic practices because it is holistic, meaning it attends to the whole person, both mind and body, emotional, mental and physical. But many “new age” practices are spiritual in nature, whereas homeopathy is scientific in nature. Homeopathy is “the other western medicine.” It was developed 200+ years ago in Germany, by a German conventionally trained doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, MD. It is considered quite “mainstream” medicine in most countries of the world who are less under the spell of the AMA.
DEFEAT AUTISM NOW!(DAN!)® or Defeat Autism Now!® was a consortium of practitioners (including medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, psychologists, neurologists and others) who realized that “ADD, ADHD, PDD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Autism are not caused by a shortage of Ritalin®.” Through research and clinical practice, they all agreed that the best and only answers to autism are NOT psychotropic drugs. They created a protocol for the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders that included nutrition, supplementation, homeopathy, chiropractic, cranial osteopathy, cranio-sacral and other alternative and supportive regimens for treatment of autistic spectrum disorders. A DEFEAT AUTISM NOW!(DAN!)® Practitioner agreed not to turn to drugs as a first or best approach to treatment. DEFEAT AUTISM NOW!(DAN!)® conferences and trainings were offered at their semi-annual conferences for many years, but it has now been replaced by MAPS®, whose goal is to likewise inform parents and train practitioners to understand that AUTISM IS TREATABLE, and to update on new and promising alternative treatments and cutting edge biomedical, research information.
Is your approach different from that of other MAPS/Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!)® practitioners?
Yes and no. We understand that autism spectrum disorders are physiological, with psychological and behavioral consquences. Likewise, we do not believe psychotropic drugs hold long-term solutions to autism. We are not medically licensed, so, though we understand and can use the research information about the causes behind and symptoms of autism, we are not able and do not prescribe ANY drugs, by law. Instead of using drugs, we have integrated many homeopathic combinations and approaches to gain healing, rather than suppression with drugs.

Homeopathy is able to do one thing that conventional medicine cannot. Homeopathy can stimulate the immune system to heal these chronic viral infections, sometimes in the form of a normal disease process, other times through elimination through sweat, stools or urine, meaning that the diseases carried in the gut and brain can now come to the surface, process and finally be eliminated from the system. By reducing the load on the immune system in this manner, the body can stop fighting the toxins and viruses in the cells, and reduce the inflammation, then it can respond to other diseases in a more normalized way. Frequently, ASD children have never run a fever. When their immune system can respond to an invader, such as a cold or flu, with a fever, we know it is beginning to normalize.

The MAPS/DAN protocols include many nutritional supplements, which can give temporary improvements that can be profound. Unfortunately, until these children have spent many months, even years on them, whenever the supplemental regimen is halted, they often regress, because supplementation does not heal the causation, it merely replaces some of what is missing. We may use minimal supplementation briefly, while healing the underlying problems that have caused the various deficiencies, but homeopathy’s aim is to heal those problems so that a missed supplement no longer creates havoc in the system. We strive to heal the system so that ultimately supplements and special diets are no longer necessary, except to provide what our food sources today don’t provide in the way of nutrients.

Do we have to be on a special diet for homeopathy to work?
No, you do not. If your child is already on a special diet and you have seen benefits, we don’t suggest that you stop the diet. We may sometimes suggest some adjustments to the diet if we see any problems or in order to move toward a more alkaline pH in the body. That said, without a basically healthy diet, no health improvement method will work at its best. “Junk food” is an oxymoron – it’s either junk or it’s food! Avoidance of additives, such as preservatives, food colors and artificial sweeteners and flavorings are always a plus, as well as limiting the amount of protein in order to maintain as alkaline a pH as possible through diet will actually serve to support the body with healthy fuel while the homeopathy is working to support it. A child who is living on wheat, dairy and fast food and junk food may not get maximum benefit from any healing approach, and can actually make it almost impossible to make improvements.
Do special diets interfere with homeopathy?
No, they do not interfere with homeopathy. However, sometimes they can mask something that still needs healing. It is when a child grabs a piece of “typical” birthday cake and a scoop of ice cream or pizza at a friend’s birthday party that can sometimes give us a gauge as to how much healing and rebalancing has happened, or is left for them to do. If there is little negative fallout from a dietary indiscretion, we know we’ve gotten good healing. If they fall apart, obviously we still have work to do.
Is there a long wait for an appointment?
Typically we can set up initial appointments within a few weeks. We will set up your initial appointment upon receipt by mail of the intake forms and materials on the checklist. Our forms are available HERE. We cannot set up an initial appointment until we have received ALL of this basic information in our office. If you have a very limited number of times available, it could take longer to find a suitable appointment time, but we try very hard to accommodate when we can. You may wish to set up an appointment, but request a spot on our list for short-notice cancellations, if you can be flexible.

There is sometimes a longer wait if you wish to see a particular practitioner, and it may take several weeks to have an appointment with one particular homeopath. However, all of our homeopaths use the same methods, remedies, and we have regular case conferences, so no matter who you see, you are in good hands. If you are not specifically tied to one particular practitioner, you will be able to get an appointment sooner. Our waiting list time can vary greatly from a few days to several weeks, mostly depending upon your preference and flexibility.

What sorts of improvements do you see?
Usually the first improvements become noticeable in the area of better sleep, fewer tantrums, and are then followed by more eye contact, etc. For a child with bowel problems such as chronic constipation, diarrhea, or both alternating, we often see improvements there within the first several months. The longer we work with a child, the more improvement we see in the area of social skills, language, etc. Of course, every child is unique, every case has a different history, and much of what improves and how soon is dependent upon other medications the child is on, or has been on in the past, that may block the action of our remedies. We can clear these blockages and hindrances away, but again, that takes time. Also, if a child is already doing a lot of the DEFEAT AUTISM NOW!(DAN!)(R) protocol nutritional approach, and has benefited from it, it may actually take longer to see improvements directly attributable to the homeopathy. The response to homeopathy appears to be subtle in these cases, for the first few months, just because these children have already been through many detox protocols and made significant progress. Once a child has completed his homeopathic “timeline” and progress has occurred, frequently s/he can be gradually weaned off of the DEFEAT AUTISM NOW!(DAN!)® protocol supplements as well as homeopathic remedies.
What if I have questions or concerns about my child’s homeopathic responses between appointments?
If you have a billing or scheduling question, our office staff will handle it during normal business hours. However, if you have a question about your child’s remedies or responses to them, you may leave a message with our staff. If it is a brief question with a straightforward response, we can have one of our homeopaths respond to it through the staff. However, if a consult is required, our staff will advise you and schedule it and we will bill in 15 minute increments. This way, you have direct access to a homeopath without necessarily having to have a full consult. After hours, you may page one of our homeopaths for illness concerns only.
What if your office is not open and I have a health problem after hours?

We have a pager that is available to CURRENT CLIENTS ONLY, 24/7 with one of our homeopaths at all times when our office is not open. We do not handle any potentially life-threatening or emergency situations, so you must call 9-1-1 or go to a hospital. However, non-serious, minor illness problems we will respond to, typically, within one hour, sometimes sooner, except in the rare circumstance of all of us traveling together on an airplane. Typically we will have only a few hours when we might all be traveling to a conference or some other event together when we may not have access to the pager on an airplane, but that case might happen 2 or 3 times per year, for a maximum of a few hours. We really do our best to meet your needs, have a professional available and keep everyone as comfortable as possible. If your child seems ill after hours, you may page us. If it is a general, or minimal problem that can wait until our next business day, please leave a voice message at our office and we will get back to you on our next consultation day (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Can I use e-mail to contact my practitioner?
Please call the office with any questions for your practitioner. In healthcare, time is of the essence, so it is in our clients’ best interests that we do not handle any health questions via e-mail for a number of reasons. If your child is having a problem, homeopaths work on specific information and there must be a back and forth, give and take conversation for us to responsibly determine a course of action. Our homeopaths have limited availability outside of consultation days, but the office will always know how to contact one of the homeopaths for anything time-critical, and will know who might be available. Anything such as photos, test results, paperwork, etc., should be directed to our office staff. Our staff is very diligent to be sure that practitioners are contacted and information received by them in a timely manner.
What if I have other questions?
We hope you will browse through this website or search your topic in the site search field. If you still have unanswered general questions, please feel free to contact our office by phone at 713-366-8700. Our staff members can usually answer general questions, or will check with a professional staff member and get back with you with an answer. Of course,specific questions about your case require a professional consultation.


For more information about autism, vaccines, or homeopathy in general,
please check the recommended reading list, following, as well.

Any vaccine information or autism book by Neil Miller
Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives, Isaac Golden, Ph.D.
A Case Against Immunizations, Richard Moskowitz, M. D.
When Your Doctor is Wrong: Hep. B and Autism, Judy Converse, M.P.H.
Unlocking the Mystery of Autism and PDD, Karen Seroussi
Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathy, Cummings and Ullman
Ritalin-Free Kids, Judith Reichenberg-Ulman
Impossible Cure, Amy Lansky, Ph.D.
Natural Medicine Guide to Autism, Stephanie Mahron
Children with Starving Brains, Our stafflyn McCandless, M.D., Ph.D.
Treating Autism, Barnard Rimland, Ph.D.
A Shot in the Dark, Barbara Loe Fisher, Harris Coulter
Vaccination, Randall Neustedter
Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, Timothy Dooley, M.D., N.D., DHANP

Websites of interest:

Pleomorphism and Enderlein’s theories, an excellent website is: www.EuroAmericanHealth.com
Vaccine safety information or hot lots, as well as state by state exemptions for vaccines, and breaking news about vaccines, see www.NVIC.org, the National Vaccine Information Website.

DEFEAT AUTISM NOW!(DAN!)® and DEFEAT AUTISM NOW!(DAN!)® Conferences: http://www.defeatautismnow.com

Bird Flu Information: http://www.birdfluhype.com

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