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I can’t say enough good things about HCH. They saved my son, gave me back my son, gave my son a new life…whatever way you want to say it. He got hit by a terrible “bus” called Autism, and he has recovered. While you can’t be cured of “being hit by a bus”, recovery is possible.

My kiddo is 16 now and he talks, expresses himself, asks questions, responds to questions, complains, compliments, interacts, contributes to the household, has friends, has crushes on girls, does chores, wants to learn to drive, is reluctantly willing to get a job, learning every day and doing his school work, does public volunteer work, has done Bible readings from the stage at our congregation, studies, is quite athletic despite his apathy about sports, rides bicycles, has great balance, he takes care of his own personal hygiene, shaves, and even cleans his own bathroom, he cooks a little, can make his own food, orders at a restaurant, eats a variety of foods – and even though he has an appetite for “junk food” he readily asks me for salad when he knows he has had too much, has no stims, has no problem with haircuts or clothing issues.

He enjoys music, he sings at the top of his lungs in his room, he can handle movies, concerts, crowds, amusement parks, travel, people touching him, he understands personal space, has great patience, especially with me who always keeps him waiting, does not rage or freak out, has manners, has plans for the future, gets sassy and very annoyed with his parents at times, apologizes on his own after those times, has a very good conscience, he is spiritual, he understands about God and has a personal relationship with him and prays on his own, loves animals, likes people enough, has empathy, gets sarcastic occasionally, knows how to lie – but he’s honest to a fault, engenders love – people are drawn to him and love him – for which we are so grateful.

He knows what Autism is and while we are never ashamed of it, he is grateful to be who he is and not be too limited by it. He loves himself and he has his preferences in life and he is not afraid to be himself. He is an inspiring person and I’m so grateful to know him.

Thank you HCH. I can never thank you enough.

Karin Barasa

My 10 year old son who has barely made a sound since his 18 month vaccinations is now vocalizing and singing, and making eye contact, and engaging with us like hasn’t done since he was a baby. We’re still in the midst of his treatment, but we see him coming back to us day by day. Thank you to Homeopathy Center of Houston!

Sara Mullen

My son was one of the cute kids in the video that recovered from autism. Houston homeopathy is the reason I have my son back. My son is now 8 and in typical school doing great. He is a happy and healthy boy with lots of friends.I thank God everyday for the miracle of having my son back. To new parents never give up hope!

Tina Gauthier

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