Sequential Homeopathy for PANDAS or PANS

Sequential Homeopathy for PANDAS or PANS

Do you or your child experience…

  • Anxiety, fears or phobias
  • Anger, tantrums, opposition or aggression towards others
  • Obsessions and compulsions such as:
    • Getting stuck on subjects or details
    • Rituals such as handwashing, organizing, sorting, touching before moving on.
    • Over-fastidiousness
  • Inability to switch routines, or “change gears”
  • Tics, fine motor problems or involuntary, compulsive movements
  • Hypersensitivity to light, sound, textures, foods
  • Eating disorders such as aversions, undereating, purging or overeating and gorging on foods?
If so, you or your child may have PANDAS. PANDAS stands for “Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep.” PANS is another slightly different name for the same thing: “Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome.”

PANDAS can also overlap with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Lyme Disease and more.

In spite of its name, PANDAS doesn’t just affect children.PANDAS hits out of nowhere and most often appears as a sudden change of behavior, emotions, or onset of neurological tics or other involuntary movements. Its cause often is a mystery to the victim and family.

And if you or your child is suffering with PANDAS anxiety, aggression, anger, tics or emotional roller coasters, you know it can feel as if it means “my life as I once knew it is over! I don’t know what happened all of a sudden.”

The good news? We can help with the Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy.

PANDAS is neither hopeless nor a mystery to us. Your life is not over!

We have helped children, adolescents, and adults who exhibit symptoms often attributed to PANDAS (both with and without autism) for almost as long as the term has existed.

What is PANDAS or PANS?

PANDAS is a term coined by a researcher at the National Institutes for Health for a group of behavioral, motor, and emotional symptoms, that she observed as having a sudden onset after a case of strep infection. PANDAS and PANS are no longer even official diagnoses. The acronym was coined in 1998 by an NIH researcher to describe a large group of behavioral, emotional, and neurological symptoms that she observed started suddenly, shortly after a strep infection.

In spite of the original names, PANDAS or PANS is not just found in children. It can affect anyone of any age, whether children, adolescents or adults.

PANDAS is characterized by the often sudden onset of personality, behavior or emotional changes, and/or motor tics or involuntary movements. This sudden onset is one critical analysis key.

Sometimes PANDAS starts after a bout of strep throat, an earache, or after taking an antibiotic for any reason. Other times PANDAS may come on after a PCV (pneumococcal or pneumonia vaccine). PANDAS may start after exposure to someone else recently vaccinated or sick with a strep infection. Even people who have not had a sore throat can still be strep carriers. So the cause of PANDAS can truly be a “Trojan Horse.”

Occasionally it can begin so early in childhood that it would be difficult to point to a “sudden onset.” This may have occurred from the time of ear or throat infections at a very young age, so the onset may not be as vivid.

Do I or my child need a diagnosis of “PANDAS” for homeopathy to help?

Not at all. When you come to us, it doesn’t matter whether you have a diagnosis or not. Homeopathy needs no diagnosis nor testing. Homeopaths don’t “treat diseases” nor base their approach on a medical diagnosis or disease name.Homeopathy addresses the unique symptoms of unique individuals by analyzing history, sensations, emotions, and their triggers. Then homeopaths determine what homeopathic remedies will best match them all in order to resolve the symptoms.

How does Sequential Homeopathy for PANDAS work?

Sequential Homeopathy focuses on your/your child’s uniqueness of health and life history, as well as current symptoms, triggers and responses.

We start by having you provide your/your child’s chronological health history, or timeline. This will serve as a “roadmap” to the layers of chemicals, illnesses, injuries and other traumas that may have also contributed to your susceiptibility.  After an in-depth interview style consultation with you, we analyze the timeline, along with current symptoms and behaviors, especially focusing on what happened just before they started.

Once we have analyzed your (or your child’s) symptoms and history, our homeopaths work  with Sequential Homeopathy for PANDAS and CANS in two ways:

  • To immediately try to relieve symptoms in the short term, as quickly and as much as possible, and all along your journey to health restoration
  • In the long term, to work back through the individual history for detoxification and healing of the layers of trauma, illness or chemicals that have created a problem – to try to fully eliminate the problem so you can get on with your life for the long term, symptom-free.
We work with clients all around the US and in many other countries, via phone consultations, and conveniently ship your remedies right to your doorstep. You don’t need to fight traffic nor travel long distances to see us in person. That is both a time and cost savings, and may be especially helpful if your PANDAS includes fears about driving or traveling!

No, you are not crazy!

PANDAS and PANS symptoms have now been divided up and given a lot of different diagnostic names, including psychiatric, psychological or neurological disorder names. This means that standard of medical care includes talk therapy (which won’t help!) or treatment with psychiatric or neurological medications.

That does NOT mean you are crazy, although we know it may feel pretty insane at times.

Maybe you’ve found a “PANDAS-literate” medical doctor who might prescribe long term antibiotics or immune boosting treatments. These might help – for a while. But the antibiotic side effects on digestion and other systems can add their own very deeply physical problems.

Don’t give up. The Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy offers answers for PANDAS or PANS.

Quite often, when conventional approaches don’t work or doctors give up or the side effects are too bad, clients often find their way to us. Or maybe you’d just like to try something more natural before going that route. WE CAN HELP.

If you feel that your life or your child’s has suddenly and mysteriously changed in any of the above ways, don’t give up. We can help you (or your child) to overcome the “mystery and craziness” of PANDAS or PANS with homeopathic remedies for PANDAS.

Have questions? Get in touch with us!

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