Sequential Homeopathy v. Autism Relief + Support Program:

Two Paths to Heal Your Child

Sequential Homeopathy v. Autism Relief + Support Program: Two Paths to Heal Your Child

If you’re overwhelmed, you aren’t alone.

This guide can help you choose between two great homeopathic programs to help your child.

With some basic information, we believe you will know which program is right for your family and your child.

The best news is that both roads lead to a healthier child. There is no wrong choice. You can change your mind at any point.

We are often asked what the difference is between the Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy and the Autism Relief + Support Program.

While the two programs are compatible, it is unnecessary to do both at the same time. The remedies that are in the Autism Relief + Support Program are the same as, or a slightly less intensive version of items that are a part of the supportive remedies in the HHM Sequential Homeopathy program for autism. So it’s best to determine what your goals are, what your budget is, and then choose one or the other.

For more detailed information about each program, check out the articles found here:

Following is an overview of information
on both programs, to help you choose.

Following is an overview of information on both programs, to help you choose.


The Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy:

  • Is intended as a “stand-alone” program for overall remediation of health, development and behavior
  • Directly addresses:
    • Vaccine injury
    • Pathogen overload
    • Toxin, drug, chemical and heavy metal overload
    • Dysbiosis
    • Support and healing of:
      • Nervous system – emotions, motor tics and problems, stims, OCD
      • Behaviors – most of which are responses to pain, or nervous and immune burden
      • Emotions – without emotional healing, physical healing cannot happen, and vice versa
      • Fungal dysbiosis and acidic, toxic terrain of the body
      • Past traumas: vaccine, emotional, physical, chemical, etc.
      • is more intensive, highly individualized, more permanent, and capable of deep detoxification, healing, even recovery from autism
        • entirely individualized for every clients every month,
        • more deeply and permanently healing.
        • The healing and detoxification process is very specific, based upon each person’s history
        • The aim is to reduce illness by eliminating the accumulated toxins, pathogens, and damage from trauma that are specific to that person’s unique history.
        • It includes unique clearing packets each month, based upon the history, previous month’s experiences and current symptoms, as determined by the consultation.
        • Costs are less predictable as each person’s needs will change throughout the process.  Different remedies may be necessary each time, some remedies will last longer than others, and each person’s needs will change
        •  The HHM of Sequential Homeopathy works at the causational aspects of illness, in a chronological order, which is how the body naturally heals itself.
        • The healing aim of Sequential Homeopathy is for more permanent, individualized and deeper detoxification and healing.
        • Over time, the HHM of Sequential Homeopathy has shown it is capable of entirely healing children with autism spectrum disorders.
        • While not all children may fully recover, there will be lasting overall health improvements in almost every child who works with us long term, and whose caregivers are diligent and compliant with the homeopath’s directions and help.


  • Both programs include remedies that are practitioner-only, exclusive remedies developed as part of the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism.
  • Both programs require that you become a client of Homeopathy Center of Houston and work with our homeopaths’ oversight.
  • Both programs give you access, by appointment, to our homeopaths for consultations without further paperwork or delay.
  • Over a period of time, due to the nature of the reduction of body burdens of toxins in both programs, there may be some improvements that may remain permanent.  As the body burden is reduced, the immune system will be better able to function, allowing for better health.


  • The Autism Relief + Support Program 
  • does not include Sequential Homeopathy.
    • It is not individualized, but includes only set packages of remedies.
    • It requires an initial consultation and annual consultations thereafter to maintain status as an active client. Additional consultations are at the option and request of the client, at our normal follow-up fees.
    • The Autism Relief + Support Program costs will be predictable.  The only additional costs are for optional remedies at the client’s request, or additional consultations.
    • The remedies will be limited and only available as a set package.
    • Costs for Autism Relief + Support Program are very affordable and predictable.
    • The Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy for Autism includes sequential homeopathy, our exclusive, individualized and in-depth “unlayering” process.
      • The Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy is entirely individualized, including:
        • Highly individualized clearing packets that clear at the roots of the problems, one event or “layer” at a time (i.e. each vaccine administration would be a single event, and each such event is “cleared” in reverse chronological order, with most recent first.)
        • Necessity of consultations approximately every 3-5 weeks, in order to determine changes, and formulate the next set of clearing packets for the next event on the timeline.  This allows the smoothest and most efficient healing process.  There is a timing of each set of packets, which may change slightly due to many factors of the individual and his/her unique response and health history
        • Due to this variation, momentum of detoxification and healing they bring, the HHM necessitates roughly monthly 30 minute consultations to keep the momentum of clearing and healing of each layer.
        • Daily support remedies that boost the body’s own immune system, detoxification and healing mechanisms, especially those that are not functioning at their best, while the clearing packets do the deeper, more permanent clearing and healing
        • Specific additional remedies, as needed by the individual for symptom relief along the way such as sleep, digestive system pain or dysfunction such as reflux, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or spaciness, rashes, eczema, as well as behavioral symptoms that may be troubling the client
        • The costs for Sequential Homeopathy are higher and less predictable due to individual needs, complexities and responsiveness.
        • The Autism Relief + Support Program
          • does NOT include Sequential homeopathy, therefore it does not require the daily supports for the clearing process.
          • Some of the remedies in the Autism Relief + Support Program’s packages are chosen out of our daily support remedies
          • Some of the Autism Relief + Support Program’s remedies are specifically formulated for Autism Relief + Support Program, based on, but a weakened version of our Detox and other remedies, to allow for a slower, gentler detox process, thus avoiding uncomfortable detoxification responses.*
          • The Autism Relief + Support Program includes a preset group of remedies that, based on our professional experience, we believe will benefit almost any child with an autism spectrum disorder. This means you have a set, predictable cost, barring any additional consultations you might choose to schedule or optional remedies you may choose. The first package is inclusive of consultation, remedies and shipping. Subsequent packages will not include a consultation fee and will be considered a “refill order.”
          • Each package is designed with the recommended dosings to last approximately 2 months. Of course, your care, diligence and compliance may cause that to vary slightly.
          • Only a single annual check-in appointment is necessary to maintain access to the Autism Relief + Support Program remedies.
          • We are still here for you if/as you need us (the professional advantage or “PLUS” of the Autism Relief + Support Program – you are NOT alone unless you prefer to be).  Once we have done your initial 15 minute consultation, if you encounter any problems or questions, you are a client and eligible for consultations any time you feel you need them.  This gives you the greatest cost control possible.

Made a decision?

*Any homeopathic detoxification program can result in bringing to the surface some detoxification symptoms. Every person’s history and responsiveness will be unique. While we cannot guarantee your child won’t experience some discomfort from these detox symptoms, if s/he does, please contact your homeopath and we will do our best to work with you, or provide any additional remedies, if necessary, that are indicated to support your child’s process. If your child tends to be a sensitive responder to this or other physiological therapies, we strongly recommend that at some point you consider purchasing a multi-remedy kit such as our 50-remedy home health kit so that we can immediately address such problems as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  It is an investment you won’t regret.

‡The Detox 2 package should be started ONLY  after completing at least one Detox 1 package.  After that, you may order either package, alternate them, or do them side by side, since each addresses some different situations. It is suggested that they be alternated with every other order.

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