Testimonials on Autism

I just want to give Lindyl, Cindy, and everyone at the Homeopathy Center of Houston update on the progress of our son Wyatt on his road to complete recovery from toxin induced Autism. As you know, Wyatt is coming up on the one year mark of the beginning of working with HCH at the end of this month (Feb). The changes in Wyatt are too many to even list completely, but I want to thank you for some of the biggest ones taking place now.

We were told by early intervention specialists years ago that Wyatt might never talk, in spite of the fact that he lost all the speech that he had only after receiving a batch of vaccinations. I wish you could hear in person the way Wyatt is now talking up a storm, and having full two way conversations with us about all the things that get him excited, (and those things are many). We are continually blown away by seeing real progress after each month’s remedies.

While he is still clearing the MMR vaccine, we know this is a big one for him because with each month we are seeing huge changes in two way speech, and his whole health overall. Before the shots Wyatt was in the 80th percentile on growth charts. After the shots, he began to not thrive at all, and only grew extremely slowly until we started with HCH. Now, just one year later, his growth is really starting to take off again much more like normal. He’s grown over another inch in the last 3 months alone, and is now beginning to catch up on his peers at school.

Everything across the board from his social skills, to motor skills, digestion, speech, and growth rate is improving as we see new gains happen immediately after each month’s layer releases. We now see light at the end of the tunnel, and that light spells the day when Wyatt will be restored to total health and no longer have even the need to stay on a restricted diet.

We can see that day rapidly approaching, but in the meantime we have our son back! He has improved to the point where only a trained eye who spends a lot of time with him would ever suspect he ever had any problems. While we know he still has a ways to go before completing his journey, my feeling is that right now he is about 80 percent of the way home.

We cannot thank you enough for your incredible work with Wyatt, and want to especially thank Wyatt’s practitioner Lindyl for her incredibly gifted expertise.

Anyone who may wish further recommendation as to the effectiveness of the HCH method need only visit our website www.wyattswayhome.org where they can read more and email us with any questions. We would be only too happy to help others find the amazing healing that our son has through you.
Please feel free to publish or post our testimonial anywhere you chose.

Dave, Jodie, and Wyatt Snyder

Feb 2006~ One night as I was tucking my son into bed, he gave me this look ….as to say “Thanks, but no thinks. It’s draining me….please stop!” As you could imagine, I was stunned. What?!?!? All that we have been doing up till now, you want us to stop everything? I quickly realized he was right. Our lives and everything seemed like it was going in fast mode. We overlooked the most important thing, our son’s health.

I promised him, that we were going to stop, and find another route. I was scared thinking, but what next? All we knew was the bio-medical world. Literally in about a day or two I came across one post about Sequential Homeopathy. Even though it wasn’t addressed to me, I knew this was what my son prepared me for, nights ago.

So I joined the group, and asked a few questions here .Then it was confirmed in my mind, this was what my son wanted. Only then did it come to our attention, we felt more comfortable to use a more natural approach in healing our son. We agreed to try it for 4 months, and see from there.

We found a sequential homeopath, Lindyl Lanham of Homeopathy Center of Houston. We filled out and mailed all the questionnaires that were e-mailed to us, prior to our first consultation. Included was our son’s time line of traumas and stressful events, from conception to present in reversed order.

After our first consultation, the remedies were mailed out to us from HCH. They are DAN practitioners using only homeopathic remedies, opposed to using drugs. Detox, immune support, insomnia, speech, viral, yeast, bacteria, gut repair, thyroids, pancreatic support, emotional support, etc. , and each clients’s treatment plan is based on individual needs. The client’s time line is also addressed at the same time. Each trauma/stressful event is cleared with remedies each month, in reversed order. For example, x-rays, drugs, vaccines, ultra-sound, etc.

……..a new chapter begins. Chelation, Rx drugs, supplements, including mb-12 nasal spay, were all discontinued, except for foot-pads, and the GF/CF diet. Our family was delighted to hear about our new journey and we found they hadn’t agreed with our first choice of treatment. We don’t see it that way. We did what we knew best for our son. Learnt a new language, “Bio-language.” Every step we took, (right or wrong) was one step closer to completing the whole puzzle.

I must admit, it was hard for me at the beginning to switch. But as soon as I had my first appointment with our sequential homeopath it was like having an appointment with a DAN Dr. We were able to hand over our blue print “DAN” map. She understood every detail with ease, and spoke the Bio-language better than me. The only difference, she uses different tools than other DAN doctors, working extra hard mopping up left over residue from past chemical drugs. It wasn’t as I thought it would be, working with a sequential homeopath, if anything it was better.

March 2006~ Within a month, our son improved in all areas. His BM’s became normal as soon as we started the remedies. This came to us as a shock. He was a major gut kid. By the second month we knew he was on his way, thanks to S. Homeopathy Treatment, the most dramatic turning point in our son’s journey. It was if a light bulb had turned on. We didn’t expect any of this to happen at the rate it did. Like we said, we had agreed to try it for 4 months.

The beauty of it, all gains remained and he never complaint about talking remedies. All up-hill from here, two steps ahead, one step back, in fast motion. Yes we still see regression when clearing time line, but it quickly resolves in about two weeks. We still have ways to go, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to our incredible son, who led the way.

We lost all trust in today’s medical world. Yet some DAN Dr’s are practicing the very same thing of prescribing drugs, and using harsh chemicals in treating our kids. Imagine, on an already overburden body. In some situations, drugs can’t be avoided due to a life threatening illness. We too bought into this idea in thinking that drugs were our only option in treating our son. Please, we urge parents to find a more natural side-effect-free approach to health and healing. Which ever way you decide to embark on, we wish you the very best for your child’s healing and health.

J. S.

Alex was born an average baby. She was average length, average weight, and arrived with some fanfare after an emergency Cesarean Section. She nursed well, slept well, hit her growth milestones and walked early. Her speech was slightly slow, but she was the third child, after all.

We followed all the exhortations of the medical community. We immunized on schedule, we kept careful records. She was nearly continuously on antibiotics for otitis media. She had her first set of ear tubes implanted at 13 months. She didn’t watch television, she went to pre-school, we read to her daily.

Her growth pattern began to slow, she didn’t progress as quickly as we expected. She remained essentially cheerful and cooperative. She entered kindergarten, as an August birthday one of the youngest students. She did okay, no complaints from the teacher. She didn’t learn to read.

In first grade she had another set of tubes, and had her adenoids removed. The anesthesia from the surgery was a problem, and recovery was slow. She was an average student, no behavior problems. We wondered why she had to work so hard to master her schoolwork. Her teacher said she was doing well.

She spent the first several weeks of second grade under her desk at school. The noise of the other students was overwhelming for her. She cooperated with teachers. She did okay, they said. We shouldn’t worry. Perhaps she needed a private school where teachers could draw her out, where her quiet personality would not be lost in the large group of students. She couldn’t read at grade level.

We had her tested privately. She showed that she had a low-average IQ, and could do some things well, and struggled with others. There were some testing anomalies, but they could be explained by the testing procedure. We needed to adjust our expectations of her and understand that she was a quiet, low-average child. We should feel good about her and her abilities. We were certain she was a much different person, intellectually, than the tests reflected.

We went from one learning specialist to another, testing and evaluating. We narrowed the possibilities of the source for the disconnection in her learning process. We tested for food allergies. We spent many hours helping her with her schoolwork. She worked hard, and didn’t complain.

Grandma died, and the family grieved. A cousin called us because she had heard of Grandma’s passing. The conversation lasted two hours. Genetics and genealogy converged into a realization that Alex was probably suffering from an inherited abnormality that prevented proper digestion and therefore intellectual development.

We ran more tests, the diagnosis was found. The cousin knew much, she shared much, we learned quickly. The cousin vetted Homeopathy Center of Houston (HCH), and recommended we seek treatment from them. We began treatment with one of their practitioners. We determined that Alex had high levels of several harmful metals, including mercury and uranium. We began a GFCF diet, and began following the sequential homeopathic treatments recommended by HCH.

Alex began seeing a speech pathologist. She quickly recognized that Alex’s reading difficulties could be helped by a program called Visualizing-Verbalizing.

Alex began detoxing heavy metals under HCH’s guidance. Month by month we saw cognitive improvement. She worked hard at school, needing at least four repetitions of material, in addition to what she received in class, in order to master new information.

We made the decision to remove her from ice skating, a sport she loved, as her energy level was too low to allow her to practice the amount of time needed to maintain her skills. She tolerated detoxification well, and had no serious side effects.

We began sixth grade. She needed two to three repetitions of material at home. She worked hard and cooperated completely. She learned to monitor her food, read labels, and recognize her own symptoms. She made very good grades at school, her circle of friends began to widen. She finished her school year with recognition in several subjects. She was discharged from her speech program with tears of joy from her pathologist.

We have completed seventh grade. Alex reads more slowly than her peers, but her vocabulary is expanding quickly, and her ability to read for longer periods of time continues to improve. She shows very high ability in math and engineering concepts. She was selected to participate in an Honors Program in Civil Engineering. She plays the flute, takes ballet, jazz and lyrical dancing. Her verbal fluency is normal, and her use of figurative language is good. Her malapropisms are infrequent, but she chortles with us as she corrects herself.

There are many “what ifs” evident in Alex’s story. We don’t spend time dwelling on them. We are grateful every day for the bright, cheerful and responsible adolescent she has become. We know that the Houston Homeopathy Method she has received at HCH has made her recovery a reality. Alex’s determination to succeed has carried her through when many would have faltered. The combination of HCH and Alex herself allows nothing less.


Hi Lindyl and Cindy,

I just had to write to let you know a couple of things that we think are huge just since starting this last round of clearings.

I know that this month started birth clears, and we heard something incredibly in tune with that from Wyatt a couple of days ago. For just one or two days, he informed us very clearly that he wants to be two years old again. When asked why, he would reply “because then I wouldn’t have to be sick anymore.” He then would start to cry and need to be comforted. To say we were completely floored by this is a huge understatement. Nothing like this has ever come out of Wyatt’s mouth, and after a couple of days, it has not been repeated either. Another huge step forward is that we have finally convinced him that it is time to poop on the toilet, and he is actually starting to do that!

His speech seems to have really taken another jump, as well as motor skills, as he just the other day completed coloring a couple of pictures that are way better than any other past attempts. His hand writing has also greatly improved. I know that he has not reached the peak of the clear yet this month, so it remains to be seen what happens then, but I just had to let you know of these few things while it’s fresh in mind.

As I mentioned, I am working on a new video of Wyatt, and plan on including clips that specifically show things like his improvements in school work etc… I hope to add them to Wyatt’s website soon.

Dave Snyder

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