Why Homeopathy is Ideal for Chronic Conditions

Why Homeopathy Is Ideal for Chronic Conditions

The truth is there are very few things that don’t yield to homeopathic treatment.

But with that being said, homeopathy is especially helpful with chronic illness.

Most chronic illness is an accumulation of multiple insults to the body from life: illnesses, injuries, emotional shocks, physical shocks and chemical exposures (drugs of all classes, including vaccines).

At some point or another, a “tipping point” is reached whereby a final insult of some sort pushes the body quickly in the direction of symptoms. Those symptoms are the body’s final cry for help. While we may focus on that “tipping point,” we also attend to other factors leading up to it, taking a holistic approach.

The Houston Homeopathy Method™ uses a sequential homeopathy “unlayering” method that comes naturally to the body. We begin with the most recent “layer” of insult and work chronologically backward through all the various layers in the history of each person to heal one layer at a time, as deeply as the body is capable of healing it.

Rather than trying to eliminate symptoms temporarily by masking them, homeopathy works to allow the body to see and “copy” the illness, taking it to its final battle and overcoming it—then moving on to the next deeper layer. Our method follows that generalized pattern through each individual’s history.

How We Work

Modern medicine excels in emergency medicine, injury reparation and the saving of lives where quick action may be required in order to avoid long-term disability or death. However, where chronic or repetitive illness exists, allopathic medicine may become a trade-off between temporary relief of immediate symptoms and the creation of long-term symptoms as a result of accumulated side effects.

In many cases of chronic disease, modern medicine can only offer “symptom management” with numerous drugs, which require additional drugs for side effects.

Ideally, homeopathy works to allow the body to fully heal itself, yielding long-term health without long-term dependence on continued use of drugs, including homeopathic remedies.

We must also periodically detoxify (which homeopathy excels in doing) and pay close attention to our diet. We must try to avoid the toxins in most processed, commonly available foods and instead eat a carefully chosen, toxin-free, chemical-free, organic, whole foods diet with minimal processing—which is what our bodies were designed to live on!

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