The Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) has been a work in progress since its inception in 1998.  In those years we began our work with children with allergies, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral issues, eczema, gut problems, and a myriad of other health issues.  ADD and ADHD were among the first problems we were asked about, almost as soon as we turned the key in the lock on May 1, 1998.  Today Adult ADD is coming to the forefront as “those kids” begin to reach adulthood and find that the drugs that once helped are losing effectiveness or have unwanted side effects.  These problems were among some of the first items we wrote about in local holistic health newsletters and magazines.

The HHM has been greatly improved with the input and experience of all five of our professional homeopaths. It’s a good thing: Today ADD and ADHD are still on the rise.  The causes can be argued; the bigger question is what can be done about it?

Some sufferers can’t tolerate the side-effects of the drugs.  Many don’t want to be on lifelong drugs.  Parents who are trying to rear their children and live healthy family lifestyles may have issues with the idea of drugs. In many cases the drugs simply don’t help.  The HHM offers an alternative.

A testimonial letter from a client parent is still framed on our wall.  The child started with us in late elementary school, when his parents had concerns about his inability to focus.  They were worried about his ability to juggle changing classes, multiple teachers, and a whole new group of potential friends as he entered middle school.

We worked through his timeline for about 2 years, and he was pronounced ADD-free by his school.  He was able to move forward in his classes, and went from struggling with math into a Gifted and Talented math program in 7th grade.  He wrote us a  wonderful letter that illustrated how hard it is to understand how hard these kids struggle until they can talk about it for themselves.

In that letter, he talked about how little self-esteem he had because homework and notetaking were such struggles for him academically, barely hanging on through math classes.  And then, as we cleared his vaccines and antibiotic history, he gradually became better focused and more able to sit still.  He even changed his attitude to homework realizing it was “a great and wonderful challenge – but one to be overcome, not dreaded.”

He spoke of how he was “grumpy towards friends at times” because of the stress placed on him by everyday tasks – just changing classes was an overload of sensory input that would send his brain reeling.  He often left classes in a cold sweat because his focus was sometimes so bad at the start of 6th grade, he would forget what period he was heading to, hence his destination and would have to ask friends, who would “look at me like I’d just landed from Mars.”

He felt ostracized by his friends, he felt frustrated with himself, and as an active member of his church youth group, he felt “as though I’m not fulfilling what God wants for me – but it’s not because I don’t want to do it.”   Our journey together was very eye-opening for me – in fact, it was what opened me to realize as a healer how much I needed to have compassion for my clients – even the youngest ones.

By the time we had worked together, this young man had been elected president of his Sunday School class in a large church, was running for student council at school, was playing all the sports he always had enjoyed, but without the constant fear of “flunking out” and being pulled from participation.  His math had become his favorite class (straight A’s) and he loved going to school and meeting with a group of friends that seemed to be enlarging almost daily.  The bullying he was receiving also stopped, and he felt as though he could now just “be myself.”

While I haven’t seen this young man in several years, I stay in touch periodically with his mom through email.  He continues to do well – without the drugs that, as he put it, “numbed and dumbed me out of my head,” and also without any constant homeopathic remedies.  He is truly drug-free.   That was several years ago.  He is now in college and doing well.

Since then many children have been helped with ADD and ADHD symptoms, and the Houston Homeopathy Method continues to improve the speed of outcome as well as smoothing some of the rougher bumps we had in those early years, while the body was eliminating the very things that were behind the problem.  Many of the children with more severe sensory problems now also come to us, with very similar results.  The key to homeopathy is to individualize each client’s program plan.

The Houston Homeopathy Method is systematic and our homeopaths all are experts in meeting the client where they are, and supporting them physically, emotionally and behaviorally through homeopathic remedies that will let the immune system do an efficient job of clearing out any pathogens or toxins that are impacting the self-healing process.  Results?  Healthy, happier children – who no longer struggle with their self-esteem, homework, or lives.

And what do we get from the process?  Job satisfaction that we are truly helping those who have found no true help anywhere else!

If you or a loved one suffers from ADD, ADHD or other symptoms, please contact the Homeopathy Center of Houston today.



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