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We all need it.  Our bodies crave it. Adequate sleep helps our thought processes, restores and reboots our entire system – and indeed, affects our overall health over time. And most of us probably don’t get enough of it.  But when sleepless nights build up as a chronic problem, we can get sick very easily.

Occasional sleeplessness or night-waking…

When we have just a night here or there of sleeplessness, several single homeopathic remedies can come in handy.  They can indeed help with the unusual, perhaps current stressor-induced inability to fall asleep quickly.  Whether that stressor is a worrisome or even traumatic event of life that our minds can’t let go of, or coffee, tea or caffeine-based “energy drink” too late in the day we all can have rough nights here and there.

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We were divinely designed to recharge our brains and process our emotions during sleep, as well as resting and rebooting our physiological and emotional systems.  With homeopathic remedies, for those occasional, unusual sleepless or unrestful nights you won’t wake up feeling drugged or drowsy from any side effects.

Chronic sleep disturbances – we can help

If you or your child(ren) have ongoing sleep problems, rather than just occasional ones that you know are from a particular worry – or from too much caffiene the night before – we have helped lots of people – including whole families – get more sleep.

One mom called us within a few days of her first consultation to report:

“Our whole family is sleeping after 4 years of nobody getting a solid night’s sleep – my child is sleeping through the night the first time since birth.  Thank you SO MUCH!  We feel we’ve finally gone to sleep heaven!”

Documenting the times when you/your child can’t sleep, those patterns can tell us a lot. Is the difficulty with being able to fall asleep at bedtime?  Or is there waking in the night at specific hours over and over?  For instance, chronic dysbiosis (or “yeast”) in the gut can manifest as consistently waking between 2 and 4am.  Parasites or a very high protein diet without proper digestion can result in waking between 4 and 6am. Inability to fall asleep can happen after someone has suffered a sore throat, earache, or in anxious, nervous problems such as PANS/PANDAS.  And so many people with sleep problems depend upon “energy drinks” during the day that caffiene over-use for long periods can affect the adrenals and over time, begin to throw off the entire sleep cycle – making it even worse. And of course, some drugs – even ones no longer being taken – have side effects that can affect sleep cycles.  Homeopathic detoxification, such as is available with our sequential homeopathy program can help your body eliminate the chemical residue or pathogens such as yeast, old illnesses or infections, etc. that may be disturbing your sleep.

In all those cases, the Houston Homeopathy Method can usually help resolve sleep problems fairly quickly, while simultaneously working through to the causative factors for long-term relief. By detoxification from those chemical or even emotional constributors and helping the body to rebalance, we aim to provide better permanent conditions for sleep to normalize in the long-run.

Many factors such as toxins, heavy metals, and pathogens from illnesses, side effects of pharmaceuticals, dysbiosis or parasites can contribute to disturb or interrupt sleep. Sleep disturbance isn’t always from one simple causation, it’s usually from several contributing factors.  That is why we require a timeline – a chronological history – in our intake process.  It helps us see if there is a pattern of when the problems began, often after seemily unrelated factors. The timeline provides your homeopath with the clues to the impacts on the individual’s overall health .  When we know these factors, it becomes our “roadmap” for both immediate remediation and the sequential “clearing” process.  Based on each person’s timeline, we individualize the entire process, support remedies, and remediation remedies for detoxification and rebalancing to allowing the vital force to specifically eliminate the causative factors, then to heal to its best ability for the long term.  It is all the natural built-in mechanisms that homeopathic remedies harness. So the timeline is a critical “roadmap” for your/your child’s individualized program to reduce or eliminate problems – whether sleep, or other problems along the way – for the deepest and most permanent healing possible.

Sleep is a priority focus in our practice

Without sleep, everything can seem worse – or can actually be worse. Healing is hampered if there is not adequate, quality sleep or if there is pain. Relief of sleep and/or pain are always our first priority. Likewise, since emotions can be painful and can also disrupt sleep, those traumas and remedies to help process them are integral.  Without addressing emotional processing and healing even physical healing can be slower.  So we integrate emotional support and healing remedies into the process as well.

Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy: Myriad tools for myriad health issues

Whether from physiological imbalances, chemically induced sleep problems or emotional factors, we have almost infinite homeopathic answers to help you (or your child) sleep better.  Sequential Homeopathy can help with almost any non-life-threatening health problem, from the simplest cold or minor injury to complexities of long-standing health problems.  We can help relieve developmental, behavioral challenges  as well as Autism Spectrum Disorders and PANS/PANDAS related issues.  We work with all ages – currently we have clients from newborn (even some prenatal supports) thru octigenarians!

No matter how simple or complex, how young or how old, no matter where you live, we can find homeopathic answers to help you and your family improve health and stay healthy.

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