Stories from Homeopathy Houston: One of my most memorable moments was the discovery that a very angry, defiant, oppositional young man I knew who had been “double vaccinated” (first vaccinated in his home country, then vaccinated again with every vaccine required by the CDC and Immigration Service upon his arrival in the United States) after working several months with the Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) had, for the first time since arriving in this country, been able to smile during class.  After a few months of the HHM, he successfully entered the playground without fighting with his peers and teachers, and brought home a novel comment under “Conduct” on his report card: “a joy in class – helpful and curious.”

The most likely culprit in this young man’s anger was the 7 Hepatitis B vaccines he had received, and their impact on his liver.     He received one at birth in his home country, three more at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, then a series of three more before the age of 3 in the United States.   We have noted over the years that most of our clients encounter a period of increased anger for a few days whenever we specifically detoxify the Hepatitis vaccines they received.  In this child’s case, I fully expected the worst, and when we got to his final hepatitis shot with his birth clear, he became very angry.  Then, after an hours-long major tantrum, which blew over as suddenly as it had come on, it was as if the angry, seething, fighting little boy had disappeared and been replaced by sobs of regret, which were soon followed by a delightful sweetening of his nature.  His parents and his teachers hardly recognized him for the smiles, consideration and sweetness he displayed.

This type of aggression, anger and tantruming seems to be on the rise in younger and younger children over the past decade.   A certain degree of aggression seems to go with childhood, but there is a difference between this and out of control, raging, abusive behaviors that are chronic and persistent. 1 to 4% of children ages 9-17 are now diagnosed with Conduct Disorder also known as “disruptive disorder” and as many as 1-6% of the school-aged population are now being diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), a more serious level of aggressive behavior.  Children may come to Homeopathy Center’s practitioners with a variety of “official diagnoses” and the parents and usually the children themselves are desperate for help.   While psychiatry and psychology can offer drug and behavioral help, what do you do when they don’t work at all, or stop working?   Psychotropic drugs may cause unwanted or uncomfortable side effects, so many parents turn to us to find the safer, more effective, long-term, drug-free solutions the HHM can offer.

Since this young man’s journey, we’ve added far more liver support for our clients, and now the “peak” of a Hepatitis B vaccine clear is almost a non-event in most cases.  What is the correlation?   From a holistic viewpoint, different organ systems can correspond to different emotions.   It is not unusual to see women who suppress anger manifest chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs).   When they became more able to process and express their suppressed anger, their urinary tracts became healthier.  Once the anger is processed, both the anger and the UTIs would often dissipate completely.

The liver is a second “seat of anger” in the holistic viewpoint.  In line with that, we have observed the seething, and later erupting sort of volcanic anger is most often associated with liver problems.  Simply put; once the liver is healthier, so is the person, and anger often diminishes.  As we continue to improve our tools with proprietary supportive remedies for the liver during the detoxification of hepatitis (vaccine or disease) over the years we have noted our clients have far fewer and less intense explosions of anger as the body “wrings the culprit out” of the liver that may be stressing it, be it biological pathogens or toxins that have clogged up this important filter system.

The Houston Homeopathic Method can gain significant improvements in many behavioral problems. Homeopathy has long been known for its compassionate and gentle relief of all manner of emotional and behavioral problems, and the HHM  not only offers relief but also permanent improvements due to our focus and homeopathy’s ability to address causational factors, even decades old.  If you or someone you know suffers with anger issues, whether from emotional trauma, liver toxicity or any causation, we can help.  Through gentle detoxification supports, creatively and systematically “clearing through” the individual timeline, and helping the body to readjust and rebalance itself, homeopathy can give welcome, even life-changing relief.

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