Airborne Allergy Relief & Support Program

Airborne Allergy Misery Relief without Drowsiness or Drugs!

Tried and true professional hay fever relief products that work

Homeopathy DIY+ Program for Hay Fever Allergy Relief

Relief and Desensitization without injections or side-effects!

Airborne allergies are miserable. Let us help.

Pollens, dust and mold strike fear into the hearts of allergy sufferers –
but our Airborne Allergy Program can offer blissful relief!

Our Airborne Allergy Relief Program works to relieve allergies from three directions:

  • Current symptom relief on an as-needed basis-always our first focus!
  • Reduction of sensitivity of the system to many of the most common pollens, dust and mold spores
  • Mild detoxification of the heavy metals and other pollutants that create irritability of the mucus membranes

Over time, most clients report fewer or less intense allergic reactivity as they continue in the program. If you’ve tried other approaches without satisfaction, our goal is to help you heal for the long term. Some of our clients have taken “allergy shots” for years without long-term relief. But homeopathy works differently. It doesn’t just mask symptoms. It heals.

And homeopathic remedies are entirely non-habit-forming, and have no side effects, like the drowsiness or dry mouth from common allopathic allergy medications. These remedies are even safe for children and adults of all ages.

We offer remedies that are available only through professionals

We offer remedies that are available only through professionals, and not available on the internet or over-the-counter in stores. Most are exclusively formulated by our practitioners.
These remedies can also relieve the sneezing, stuffiness, and runny nose common to many head colds to help provide relief of similar symptoms, making your recovery less impacting on your life.

NOTE: If you have chronic sinus infection problems, please check out our DIY+ Sinus Relief Program to help relieve symptoms.

Not certain whether you need the Allergy or Sinus program? Just give us a call. With just a few short questions, one of our homeopaths will be able to advise you which program best fits your circumstances.

Airborne Allergy Relief Program Includes:

Approximately 2 months’ supply of remedies below, Shipping/Handling plus an initial 10 minute bonus professional consultation (a $90 value!) for $170. (*USA Addresses ONLY. We cannot ship this program outside the USA.) Price effective 10/1/2023 and subject to change without notice.

Your first package includes a free single 10 minute phone starter consultation and approximately 2 months supply* of the following 4 products, including shipping. 

  • A homeopathic symptom relief nasal spray (for immediate symptom relief of sneezing, congestion and runny nose.)
  • Professional allergy relief oral drop formula (to address nasal & eye irritation and generalized symptoms)
  • Detoxification supportive oral drops (because heavy metals can inflame and sensitize the sinus passages)
  • Allergen desensitization drops to help to reduce reactivity to most of the common animal, dust, mold and pollen allergens
  • Shipping and Handling directly to your door
  • To start confidently, your first order will include a bonus 10 min. consultation with one of our homeopaths (a $90 value, FREE!)

When you start running low, you merely call the office and we will send your next package out.

Running out of your nasal spray early?

We can help you. Just call for a refill and we’ll ship it right out to you.

(Individual pricing and shipping and handling will apply.)

These products are responsibly available only under professional recommendation and supervision. Your first package includes a FREE 10 minute starter consultation. We want to start you off with confidence, and be here for you for any questions. And should your symptoms change, or you wish to work with us for deeper cleansing and healing, long term, you will already have an established relationship with a professional homeopath in our office.

You control your progress.
You are eligible to purchase a full refill of the program (includes shipping) or individual nasal sprays (shipping extra) with just a phone call to our office. If you have any questions or concerns, now you are a client, so you have immediate access (by appointment at normal consultation rates) to your homeopath for future related needs.
This program gives you control of your health improvement costs.
You choose as much or as little oversight as you feel you need, and call for refills on your schedule. If you need extra help, your homeopath is available (by appointment at our normal charge of $170* for a 30 minute follow-up appointment) because you are established as a client!  (*Price effective 10/1/2023. Subject to change without notice.)

If you decide to do a deeper, more individualized approach through sequential homeopathy later, this program is a great preparation for that process!

*At typical dosing amounts, most 1.7 to 2 oz. oral drops will last between 6 and 9 weeks, depending on compliance and care of administration.

** Because the nasal spray is used on an as-needed basis, based upon your individualized usage you could find you need more or less than one in a 2 month period. If you run low, we can provide a refill at regular cost plus basic shipping costs between orders of the full package.

Additional Programs Available:

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