Detox & Immune Support Program

This program offers both.
Detox and immune support should go hand in hand.

Clean Up Your System and Get Healthier!

We have found that homeopathy can both cleanse the system and thereby, support and improve your health. Discover what people all over the world have experienced for over 2 centuries. Our homeopathic Detox & Immune Support Program is a great way to clean up and support your cells, organs and your whole system. Whether you want an occasional “tune-up” or ongoing daily detox, this program empowers you, and provides gentle, natural homeopathic tools. We follow this regimen every day to remain healthy and try to avoid a buildup of toxins we are exposed to every day in our toxic world.

 Detox & Immune Support Program:

COST: $330**  Includes approximately a 2 months supply* of each of the following 5 homeopathic products, a one month supply each of 2 different probiotics, shipping and handling and to start you off confidently, we include a FREE bonus initial 10 minute consultation (a $90 value!) with one of our homeopathic professionals with your first package.

***USA CLIENTS ONLY. We cannot ship this program internationally.

  • A detoxification  & organ drainage support formula (to open up “drainage” of organs and systems of elimination)
  • A fungal dysbiosis rebalancing formula (Helps to cleanse the “bad” microflora in the gut, and their die-off that often accompanies heavy metal or chemical detoxification)
  • An immune boosting formula (Balances and supports immune-regulating glandular systems)
  • A digestive support to enhance the gut-associated immune system
  • A second general immune boosting homeopathic product to aid in your resistance to illness, or to help reduce severity of various viral illnesses, such as cold, flu, digestive “flu”, etc.
  • Two professional strength probiotics to establish healthy gut flora and help reestablish a healthy gut lining. 

You control your progress and costs.  And if you wish to extend your program – we truly suggest about 6 months (so 3 kits in a row) as a basic starting point, followed by an annual 2 month cleanse (1 kit 1X annually) – you are eligible to purchase a refill kit with just a phone call to our office. If you have any questions or concerns, now you are a client, so you have immediate access (by appointment) to your homeopath for future related needs.

This program gives you control of your health improvement process.  You choose as much or as little oversight as you feel you need from your homeopath along the way.  We include one 10 minute consultation with each package.  Then, if you feel you need more help or advice, additional appointments may be scheduled and will be billed at our normal charge of $170** for a 30 minute appointment.

These are products responsibly sold only under professional advice. We want you to have the best experience possible.

We cannot refill individual products.  To maintain the integrity of the healing process and the affordability of the program, we can only provide a full set of remedies per the above descriptions.

*At suggested dosing amounts, most 2 oz. bottles will last between 6 and 9 weeks, depending on compliance and care of administration.

**Prices effective 10/1/2023.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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