Frequently we have people come to us for help with a particular health complaint, and then as they are leaving from the first appointment, we are asked what can be done for allergies.  A simple request, seeking a simple answer to a much deeper problem, from our homeopathic perspective.

Homeopathy does not use “anti-histamines” or “decongestants.”  Homeopathy by definition does not work as an “anti-” anything. 

Instead, we may use the quintessential “hair of the dog that bit you” as a remedy to heal the “bite” itself.  A crude but apt analogy, as we can sometimes use a homeopathic remedy made from this or that allergy trigger to temporarily desensitize and minimize the immune response.  But then we must tackle the deeper issues to gain long-term elimination of the inflammatory factors involved in “allergies.”

Allergies and Homeopathy

“Allergies” are an abnormal sensitivity to something in one’s environment or diet.  The triggers to allergies can be as varied as those who suffer from them.  To list just a few:

  • Food
  • Airborne particles such as dust or pollens
  • Mold from decomposition or moisture collection in the home.
  • Soaps or detergents

Common Allergic reactions range from such as “contact dermatitis” or eczema to sneezing and hayfever-like symptoms. Some people react with memory problems or irritability.

NOTE: Children who already have learning problems are usually worse if they eat or are exposed to allergens.

Many can become highly aggressive in response to some chemicals, such as food additives and preservatives to which they are sensitive.  Most who suffer with tics or Tourette’s Syndrome find that many allergens and chemical exposures will exacerbate their tics.

As homeopaths, we see these “allergens” as mere triggers to a much deeper health problem – inflammation.  It is very possible to desensitize a person somewhat to the triggers using homeopathic remedies made from the very things a to which a person is sensitive.  However, there is always an underlying cause.

One of the causes appears to be mercury and other heavy metal accumulation in the body.  This can come from a variety of sources.  Many vaccines still contain mercury, due to the use of a common preservative that is primarily ethylmercury.  Another source is silver-mercury amalgams in dental fillings.  Mercury from these fillings outgasses into the mouth, where it is inhaled, or it may actually be crushed into the food as it is chewed, then swallowed.

Homeopathy Allergy Remedies

The ill effects of mercury toxicity have been well-documented for over 200 years in homeopathic literature alone.  Mercury is documented as bringing on irritation of mucus membranes such as in the sinuses, bronchioles or lining of the intestines.  This makes these membranes overly sensitive to environmental triggers.

In our experience, many clients find that they may have simultaneous gut pain or digestive problems along with their allergies.  When we focus on heavy metal detoxification many of the irritation and inflammation levels will reduce, bringing relief to all mucus membranes.  Allergies improve, digestion improves, sinuses clear up, sneezing, wheezing and chronic coughs may all reduce and finally disappear.  It is not always an overnight response, but the level of relief is measurable.

Homeopaths understand that allergies and inflammation from mercury are only one health hazard.  Mercury affects more or less every organ and tissue of the body.  The following are some of the symptoms listed in the homeopathic materia medica that might just look a lot like “allergy symptoms:”

  • Ears: Pains worse in warmth of the bed; thick yellow discharge with bloody streaks.
  • Eyes: lids red, swollen, puffy; burning, acrid discharge; light sensitivity.
  • Nose: sinusitis and colds; acrid discharge, too thick to run down the lip; runny nose with sneezing, sore, raw, smarting sensation; profuse fluent discharge; sneezing; nostrils sore, raw, ulcerated; pain and swelling of nasal bones and decay with greenish ulceration; nosebleeds at night.

Sound like allergies? So what might be a homeopathic solution?

In our office, we have found that homeopathic detoxification of heavy metals is extremely helpful for relief of allergies in the long term.  We do not do this with chelation or other chemical means.  We use a multi-level approach with the Houston Homeopathy Method, starting with “homotoxicology”.  Homotoxicology is literally the study of the effects of toxins (“toxicology”) on man (“Homo sapiens”).  Combination remedies are given that support detoxification and elimination, allowing for a gradual detoxification first of the body’s filters, then we employ sequential, specific isopathic remedies to tease out specific toxins from the cells.  We truly are using homeopathic remedies, which are minute, serially diluted remedies made from mercury (or aluminum, or other heavy metals) to detoxify mercury, or aluminum, and other heavy metals as symptoms might indicate to us.  These are used in reverse chronological order based upon the personal timeline history.  In so doing, deeper and deeper layers of toxins can be released systematically and with as little fallout as possible, as the body was designed to cleanse and heal itself.

We do NOT suggest self-medicating for heavy metals with homeopathic remedies.   While the remedies cannot cause permanent harm, without some more general support of the organs of elimination, it is possible to start unleashing the metals from the cells, but not have good elimination support and actually feel worse for a while.  This process requires oversight by a professional homeopath, in order to match and see if it is indeed the right metal that we need to work with.  Through our interview process, examination of a personal history and vaccine information, we can assess your symptoms and overall condition, then determine a course of action..  Then, based upon what we see, we begin the supportive detoxification process, while offering remedies that can be used to temporarily relieve the current symptoms while we work our way back through the layers of metals or other contributing factors to causation.

We have helped many clients with their allergy and chronic sinus problems in this way.  It is not always an overnight process to gain long-term relief, but usually we can provide temporary relief, and ongoing improvements tothe overall health and immune system without  the side-effects of drugs.  It was chronic sinus/allergy problems that led our founder, Cindy Griffin, into homeopathy for her first experience.  Truly, in her case, it was life-changing! We hope to change your life for the better, as well.

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