Why Choose Autism Relief + Support Program?

The Homeopathy Center of Houston offers professional consultations and provides
homeopathic remedies based on our consultations.

Cutting-edge Formulas for Autism. Experienced Professionals. Autism Relief + Affordability.

Working with your child’s autism can feel lonely. Homeopathy can be a great part of a child’s healing process, but it can have a complicated learning curve. You will benefit from our professional formulas, and access to our professional oversight. We have shortened the learning curve for you – saving precious time for your child’s healing! And we have made it affordable for everyone.

For less than $7.35 per day, your child receives everything needed for a robust homeopathic program for autism:

1. a brief consultation with a professional homeopath for every 2 months supply your purchase
2. 7 exclusive homeopathic combination remedies
3. 2 different professional strength probiotics, specially chosen for the needs of autism
4. Delivery to your door! (USA CLIENTS ONLY)

Our homeopaths have been helping and recovering children with autism since 2003. We have created many proprietary professional formulas at Homeopathy Center of Houston for the Houston Homeopathy Method™ of sequential homeopathy. The Autism Relief + Support Program™ program brings you 7 tried and true homeopathic formulas we have found to be universally beneficial to almost anyone on the autism spectrum, even outside the full sequential homeopathy program. In addition, we include approximately a 1 month supply each of 2 of our own professional-strength probiotics to round out the program.

Proven, caring professionals

Homeopathy Center of Houston‘s practitioners have been delivering results for autism through sequential homeopathy worldwide since 2003. Our clinical experience has led to the creation of a number of tried-and-true products, formulated by our homeopaths as integral parts of the full Houston Homeopathy Method approach.

We know that autism can be overwhelmingly complex. Your child will receive the benefit of over 50 years of combined experience from the board-certified homeopathic professionals of Homeopathy Center of Houston. Each of our homeopaths is also extensively trained in the bio-medical approach to autism, and each has a decade or more of specialized experience with homeopathy for autism. We applied homeopathic principles to our specialized knowledge of autism in the formulation of these formulas.

What to expect

Upon submission of payment and your intake forms, your remedies will be shipped to you. We will try to contact you within 2 business days to set up the initial consultation appointment with one of our experienced homeopaths.
She will have reviewed your child’s forms, and will then give you a few pointers on giving the remedies, and a brief idea of what to expect. Please understand, to keep the practitioner’s time efficient, hence your costs low, this is not an in-depth consultation. The intention is to provide you information to confidently start the remedies, and establish a relationship with one of our professionals.
You will receive your first package within days, and can get started with all the educational information in your package, plus the suggestions from your homeopath. Then, you can reorder from the comfort of your home or office. With each package you order, you will receive a brief, 10 minute consultation with your homeopath, to check in or ask any new questions.

Benefits of Autism Relief + Support Program

  • Contributes to your child’s generalized detoxification, pain reduction and overall health improvements with autism-specific professional formulas
  • Means you’re not trying to figure it all out on your own – we are here if you need us!
  • Allows a professionally-guided, yet affordable, “trial run” of homeopathy for autism
  • Allows you to manage how little or how much professional support you need
  • Can be added to and may enhance other autism interventions
  • Can be used as an initial detoxification and tonifying preparation for starting the Houston Homeopathy Method
  • Gives you access to autism-focused formulas not available anywhere else, and available only under our professional supervision
  • An annual consultation is required for you to remain an active client
  • If you decide you wish to do the more extensive, more deeply individualized Houston Homeopathy Method,™ as an active Autism Relief + Support Program’s client, you will get a discount off your sequential homeopathy initial consultation.
  • These products were developed for exclusive use by clients of Homeopathy Center of Houston.  They will never be sold apart from our oversight, and are not available through stores or online outlets.

Have questions? Get in touch with us!

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