Menopause is not what it once was.

Very few women escape through the path of menopause without symptoms. There are many theories about why this is the case.

Some fingers point at the use of birth control pills, which are finding their way into the water supply, affecting even those who have never used the medications directly. Others think it is due to our stressful lifestyle in modern times. Still others espouse the idea there is a paradigm shift in the world from a patriarchal to a matriarchal society.

At Houston Homeopathy, we believe that menopause should be as trouble free and comfortable as any other phase of life.

We use the same “timeline” or “sequential” approach to menopausal symptoms as we do for chronic illness of many other types.

We support healthy tissue recovery, including balancing of the endocrine system, and we use remedies that help relieve the temporary symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes, irritability and vaginal dryness or sensitivity. We also sometimes offer suggestions for natural supplementation.

Further, we work with homeopathic remedies that are specifically indicated for the symptoms of menopause, and we sometimes offer gemmotherapy remedies and combinations of homeopathic remedies to relieve symptoms while we work back through the possible contributors to the menopausal problems.

We have even seen chronic migraines that extend back beyond puberty sometimes come to a halt as we work through menopause with some of our clients.

Hormones are easily influenced, and when influenced too rapidly or strongly, they can create their own problems. Homeopathy may help rebalance the hormones, and some women have chosen to use this method rather than conventional hormone replacement therapy.

Homeopathy has long been known for its gentle approach to health and healing, and this holds true for homeopathic treatments for menopause. This means we can often provide great relief from the symptoms very quickly and control many of the symptoms without causing the body to swing back and forth as a result of overstimulation or over-replacement.

Homeopathy is subtle energy medicine, which is ideal for the subtle requirements of the female hormonal system. If you have menopausal problems and have concerns about the typical medical hormone replacement therapies, consider sequential homeopathy.

Our approach is not to work with menopausal issues in isolation, but rather to cleanse and heal the entire system so that every cell of the body benefits from better health and an improved immune system.

Give us a call today to see is homeopathy is right for you.

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