Although the “label” is relatively new, the problems of Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) are not new to Homeopathy Center of Houston’s homeopaths.  While we are known for working with children with autism and other spectrum disorders, many of our clients with ADD, ADHD, and even autism suffer with Sensory Processing Disorders.  The difference would be the level of function of the immune system and digestive system, which in turn determines the level of behavioral reactions.  But the causations and some of the homeopathic answers are often very similar.

Because homeopathy is based upon the Law of Similars, where the homeopath matches the correct remedy to the clients’ symptom picture, similarity of symptoms means similarities between remedy choice and approach, as well as similar outcomes.   Many adults and children in our practice have sensory processing problems, whether diagnosed as such or not, and have responded well to sequential homeopathy.  Often the problem manifests as anxiety about driving, leaving one’s home, going into a noisy store or mall, or any other place with a great deal of auditory and/or visual input.  The anxiety is actually one reaction of a nervous system that is on constant overload to additional stimulus.

Success with homeopathy does not depend on diagnostic labels.  We don’t use diagnoses to determine our approach, nor our remedy choice.  Every client whether they come with or without a previous diagnosis is considered to be a totally blank slate when they walk in our door.

For homeopaths our concern is not the name of the problem.  Rather, it is how the sensitivity manifests, what makes it better or worse, questions such as: how does this child respond to touch, sound, lights, movement?  What sensory input makes her “crazy”?  Is it the sound of the bird outside the window?  Is it thunderstorms?  Does he cover his ears on entering a noisy room or a store?  Do they hide from light?  Are their pupils dilated?  What else bothers them?  Clothing tags or textures?  Food textures?  Being hugged or touched?  Is it worse at night, worse in the morning?  What makes them better or worse?  Do their symptoms improve when they are ill and running a fever, or shortly thereafter?  Are they worse at the full moon?  Do they have a history of ear or throat infections?  If they get a sore throat, fever or earache, do they become more or less sensitive to stimulus?  What is their coordination like? When did you first notice it?  Did anything happen (an illness, vaccine, antibiotic, earache, etc.) just prior to the onset of these problems?

The key to a person’s overall health is often revealed as we review their chronological history (timeline) through the filter of our sequential homeopathic experience.   Depending on the answers, we can work our way back through to causational factors and remediate them.  In this way their own body will reveal the causations, and help us to find the answers, and provide the best homeopathic remedy or remedies that will best aid the system in healing itself.  This typically happens layer by layer, month by month, with some ups and downs all along the way but ultimately, with improvements.  And sometimes in a few wonderful “textbook” situations the progress is just ongoing blissful relief of the over-reactivity of the brain and body to stimulus with no particular bumps in the road.

Homeopathy Center of Houston and its homeopaths have been addressing sensitive and “sensational” children since 1998 by assessing each person’s individual history, illnesses, responses to stimuli, and applying homeopathic principles to help the immune system and the brain chemistry reset themselves to a more functional level.  Most of our clients will eventually totally lose their sensitivities, and move forward to live life to its fullest, without the shackles of the inability to process the input of the world around them.

The integrated approach with the Houston Homeopathy Method for the physiological sensitivities and to eliminate the causations behind them and occupational therapy for desensitization can bring about life-changing positives for these sensational children and their families!

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