If you seek true, natural wellness for your child, think homeopathy. Homeopathy Center of Houston’s homeopaths would love to partner with you for healthy children. Homeopathy is non-toxic, gentle, non-invasive, pleasant-tasting, and most important, safe for even the youngest newborns through the elderly. It’s perfect for children!

Children are a huge part of our focus at Homeopathy Center of Houston. Whether you are a first-time parent with an infant, or seasoned parent with kids of all ages, if you have a desire to keep your kids healthy, or treat their minor illnesses without drugs, through natural methods, a parent of a child with a learning or behavioral disability, or just not sure why your kids are chronically ill or seem to “catch everything” we would love to be a part of your healthcare team.

We are NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS, we don’t give “shots,” stitch up wounds or set broken bones. But homeopathy has long been used by savvy parents to help their children be healthy, recover from common illnesses, and give them relief of symptoms gently and quickly. In recent years there has been a heartening return to many child-rearing and healthcare practices from decades, even centuries ago. Homeopathy has been a non-toxic, pharmaceutical and chemical free approach to children’s health for over 200 years. Homeopathy Center of Houston embraces those solid, tried and true philosophies and we offer many options for parents.

What sort of things can homeopathy help? Both acute, simple problems and complex chronic problems can be improved through homeopathy. Following is a very short overview, which barely scratches the surface of everything that homeopathy can help with, but it will give you a good idea of the healthcare “virtuoso” that homeopathy is.

Symptoms related to: allergies, skin rashes, colds, flu, fevers, digestive problems (diarrhea, constipation, reflux, food poisoning, food sensitivities and allergies), “typical childhood illnesses”, minor injury and wound healing support, detoxification for improved health of almost any toxin, ear pain (chronic and acute), throat pain, coughs, eczema, learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, behavioral problems such as oppositional behaviors and aggression, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, emotional problems, sensory integration problems (hypersensitivity to sounds, light, movement, touch and texture, etc.), fungal problems, general immune supports for better health, symptoms after vaccinations, athletic injury healing support, tics and movement disorders, and much more. Truly the list is endless. Call us today.

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