Professional Prep Kit for Cold, Flu & Cough Season

Be ready with practitioner-only products to have on hand when the bugs strike!

When cold and flu season arrive – and now it seems to be a year-round “season” – you need to be ready.  Think of the peace of mind knowing that you have safe professionally recommended and professional quality homeopathic products ready to go, right at your fingertips to immediately help when someone in the family starts coming down with a cold or the flu, or maybe a cough that goes with it.  This professional product package will include:

  • A fever reducing and immune supportive homeopathic spagyric combination
  • A professionally formulated nasals spray to relieve congestion and sneeziness
  • A highly recommended remedy that relieves aches and pains while supporting a strong immune recovery response
  • Our favorite general cold remedy combination
  • A great remedy for sore throats – and it can even give some relief for earaches if necessary
  • Two great professionally formulated spagyric homeopathic cough syrups:
    • One for the tickly, hacking, annoying coughs that often accompany colds or occur from sinus drainage down the throat
    • A second for deeper bronchial cough relief

We will also include clients-only Tips and Tricks for Cold and Flu Season “cheat sheet” – with tips on best ways to use the remedies in the package, as well as a few other completely compatible holistic tricks you can employ with a few things you probably have around the house anyway!

Total cost for the package is $195 – a $20 savings that includes shipping to your door!



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