Ear Pain Relief & Support Program

If your child has ever suffered with earaches, we have answers –
for the pain, sleeplessness, and misery that goes with them.

FREE Initial Consultation.

If you’re reading this, chances are your child is already on the ear infection/antibiotic merry-go-round: Get an ear infection…take antibiotics – child feels better, then a couple months later – it’s back.

So another round.

This time only a few weeks later it returns. Finally, it seems you’re stuck in the never ending cycle of more frequent, ever stronger and less effective antibiotics.

Then the doctor gives the dreaded news: You need to let your child have ear tubes.

What if you could STOP before it ever gets to that point – and without a single drug?

Discover what millions of people around the world are doing – homeopathy for ear aches. Stop the cycle. Instead of more frequent ear infections, they become less frequent, less severe, and typically just cease to bother.

It’s time to change all of that, and our goal is to help your child’s ear infections heal for the long term. Homeopathy doesn’t just mask symptoms. It heals. And homeopathic remedies are entirely non-habit-forming, have no side effects, such as creating thrush or diaper area rashes.

Our Ear Pain Relief and Support Program reduces the inflammation and pain, helps to boost the overall immune system and even addresses the systemic fungal dysbiosis that drives many chronic ear infections from repeated antibiotic treatment. These remedies are available only through professionals, and not available on the internet or in stores. Two are exclusively formulated by and for our practitioners.

Ear Pain Relief Program Package:

Cost:  $185.00.

Includes a single FREE 10 minute starter consultation (a $70 value!) with your first package and a generous supply* of the following 4 professional products, and shipping to your door. (USA addresses ONLY. We cannot ship this program outside the USA.)  Need extra oversight?  We can schedule additional consultations as needed, at additional cost ($140 for a 30 minute consultation).  Just call to set up a consultation time.

  • Two oral drops to help reduce the immediate pathogen overload in the system.
  • One 2 oz. daily immune booster for an ongoing support – to help create a healthy resistance to future illnesses
  • Ear drops that stop the pain FAST
  • A fungal dysbiosis balancing 2 oz. oral drop formula, because so many of today’s chronic ear infections have been complicated by fungal imbalances created by previous antibiotic treatment
  • TOTAL cost of each 5 product package, conveniently delivered to your door including shipping is $185.

These are also great to have on hand for head colds, nasal allergy symptoms, even a flu that includes sinus pain, congestion, sneeziness or runny noses.

If/when you need a new package, just reorder by calling the office, or reorder online.

Products are professional products

These products are professional products, and are responsibly sold and available only under professional recommendation and supervision. The initial package includes a FREE starter consultation to start you off with confidence, and we will be here for you for any questions, and if your symptoms change.

  • You control your progress.  You are eligible to purchase a full refill kit as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, now you are a client, so you have immediate access (by appointment at normal consultation rates) to your homeopath for future related needs.
  • This program gives you control of your health improvement costs.  You choose as much or as little oversight as you feel you need, and call for refills on your schedule.
  • If you need extra help, or you feel “stuck,” you have already established a relationship with your homeopath, who is then available to you by appointment (our normal charge is $140 for a 30 minute appointment)

*NOTE: Individual dosing, compliance, minor differences in dropper size, accidental spillage or breakage will affect the amount of time a product lasts. Typically the daily immune support products will last 6-9 weeks at the suggested frequency and amounts. The remaining may last much longer, depending upon your child’s frequency and length of ear pain, since they are used on an as-needed basis only.


To fully support the homeopathic sinus program, we also strongly suggest that you take a high quality, streptococcus thermophilus-free probiotic, daily.  In our experience, most people have taken antibiotics, which disrupt the healthy flora.  The gut biome, the active biological flora of the digestive tract lining, play a huge part in immune regulation.  Probiotics can be very helpful in restoring healthy flora balance, which often plays a role in the tenacity of sinus pain, pressure and congestion.

For your convenience, we offer our “HCH Probiotic Duo”:  two very high quality, professionally vetted probiotics that are not available in stores, but are exclusive to us, our HCH Probiotic L. Plantarum (30 day supply) which you would start with, then an additional HCH Probiotic 30B (30 day supply) that you would take the second month.  These can be reordered at any time, and we suggest alternating between them. They are offered for $75 postpaid as an add-on option to our Sinus Relief and Support program.  NOTE:  These two items are professional-quality PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS, they are NOT homeopathic remedies.

You will be given an opportunity to add these to items, post-paid, to your order during the checkout process.

Have questions? Get in touch with us!

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