Causes of ear infections are well understood

Earaches are one of the most common reasons for pediatrician visits.  Children in the US are often prescribed antibiotics, then stronger antibiotics, and finally surgical placement of “ear tubes,”  while in the UK, parents are told to let ear infections run their course, treating the pain with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, and only seeking a doctor’s care if they do not improve in a few days, or get worse.(1) My generation survived exactly that way.  It was a common non-event to see some of us running around school with a cotton ball tucked in our ear to keep the warm mineral or olive oil in our ears, and keep the cold out! In a few days, it would have run its course, in most cases.

Homeopathy can help! You don’t have to stand idly by, watching your child’s pain.

Ear infections may be frequently associated with a Strep A variant called streptococcus pneumoniae. (2) It has been reported to us by many parents that their child’s ear infections begin shortly after administration of children’s vaccinations, in particular the PCV, or pneumococcal vaccine.  What most parents don’t realize is that vaccine contains several strains of both pneumococcal and streptococcal bacteria.  The vast majority of ear infections are related to presence of streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria – which is a major component of modern “pnemonia vaccines.” The current version of the “pneumonia shot” contains 13 strains of pneumonia and streptococcus pneumoniae variants.

Also many other factors can contribute to children’s ear infections.  Anything that increases the histamine response, such as allergies, or increases mucus production, such as milk products, or increases inflammation, such as has been associated with vaccine adjuvants, can increase a child’s likelihood of ear infections being triggered or worsened.

Dietary tips to reduce ear pain and inflammation

One of the best tips ever was from meeting a pediatrician who had been fired from a group practice because he was “curing” too many ear infections, without doctor’s visits and antibiotics.  What was his secret? He told the parents to keep their children off of milk and dairy products.  His common sense approach was saving untold pain and suffering in his practice – which had thrived due to ear infections! What a sad statement about modern conventional medicine, that is all too true.

One of the things we have found to be a problem with children prone to ear aches or sore throats is when they are consuming products containing a supposedly beneficial strain of “probiotic” – Streptococcus thermophilus, or S. Therm.  This strain is found in many commercially produced probiotics –  which we generally recommend to boost health.  We have vetted all the probiotics we sell to our clients to be sure they do not contain S. Therm.  Unfortunately, S. Therm. is also a major ingredient in the bacterial cultures used to make virtually all commercial yogurt and kefir, as well as found in some starters for home-made yogurt or kefir.  But due to the dairy plus the presence of S. Therm., we suggest entirely swearing off of commercial yogurt and kefir. If you want to make your own, read the labels carefully for starters for kefir, yogurt and even kombucha.

We are all being touted the benefits of the probiotics in yogurt for health.  However, pasteurized, commercially produced yogurts seldom contain enough beneficial probiotics to overcome the negatives of pasteurized milk problems such as lactose or casein intolerance, nor the potential problems brought about by the presence of a streptococcus species.

Homeopathy – 200 Years of Safely Relieving Ear Infections

Since its earliest practitioner, Samuel Hahnemann, MD, homeopathy has successfully worked with ear infections.  Until the advent of antibiotics, one seldom, if ever, heard of “chronic ear infections” but they became a commonplace issue by the mid-1900s. Today many earaches are becoming antibiotic resistant.  In some cases, it is because children have had so many antibiotics that their infections are now resistant to them.  In others, the problem has been compounded by adding fungal dysbiosis to the picture – again due to overuse of antibiotics for ear aches. Homeopathy creates no such “resistance” nor side effects.

The three most common earache remedies are Belladonna, Pulsatilla and Chamomilla in homeopathic potencies, such as 6c, 30c or 30x.  

Belladonna is best suited for earaches and fever, especially if there seems to be a sudden onset with bright red ears and high, radiating fever.

Pulsatilla fits the child who is whiny, changeable in both symptoms and his perception of what he wants, and whom you feel as if you’d like to cuddle and coddle.  The child may also be fearful of, and make a fuss about being left alone. There may be a low fever, typically not as intense as that of the Belladonna earache.

Chamomilla is the remedy of choice for a child who is literally howling from the pain, even though the pain may not be nearly as intense as his yelps lead you to believe. The child is difficult to deal with, relentless in his expression of his suffering as well as desires for “something else” than whatever is presented.  And a real “keynote” for the need for this remedy that sets it widely apart from the Pulsatilla earache is that the parents say that at times they’d like to chuck the poor dear out the window, because he is so insufferably demanding and loud! Obviously we do NOT recommend that approach!  But remember to reach for Chamomilla when you feel that way! And take a little for yourself, as it is also very soothing and calming for the nervous system, and can help with teething or colic pain, and sleeplessness as well.

A final suggestion we make for children with earaches, both acute, self-limited one-time problems, and especially for chronic ear problems is a very good Streptococcus thermophilus –free probiotic.  And in the case of a chronic situation, please call us so we can clear past contributors to the original problem, as well as work to eliminate the dysbiosis and suppression of past antibiotics in order to turn the corner towards health.

If in doubt as to which remedy your child needs, a few pellets of each combined in a bottle of water and sipped frequently will often work just fine. The body will choose the “correct” remedy and your child will gain relief instead of you being paralyzed with indecision.

If you child’s having repeated ear aches, or if the above remedies aren’t working, call us for an appointment for some deeper healing options.  For a completely drug-free option, the Houston Homeopathy Method is superb at clearing up the acute illnesses of childhood, as well as creating a clean, thriving vital force in your child for true health.

Call us for inexpensive short term, minor illness or for longer term sequential homeopathy to clear away the layers of the onion that contribute to poor health, leading to long term better health in the future for you or your child!

(1) NHS Choices – Middle Ear Infection (otitis media)

(2)Ear Infections – Cause



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