Feb 2006~ One night as I was tucking my son into bed, he gave me this look ….as to say “Thanks, but no thanks. It’s draining me….please stop!” As you could imagine, I was stunned. What?!?!? All that we have been doing up till now, you want us to stop everything? I quickly realized he was right. Our lives and everything seemed like it was going in fast mode. We overlooked the most important thing, our son’s health.

I promised him, that we were going to stop, and find another route. I was scared thinking, but what next? All we knew was the bio-medical world. Literally in about a day or two I came across one post about Sequential Homeopathy. Even though it wasn’t addressed to me, I knew this was what my son prepared me for, nights ago.

So I joined the group, and asked a few questions here .Then it was confirmed in my mind, this was what my son wanted. Only then did it come to our attention, we felt more comfortable to use a more natural approach in healing our son. We agreed to try it for 4 months, and see from there.

We found a sequential homeopath, Lindyl Lanham of Homeopathy Center of Houston. We filled out and mailed all the questionnaires that were e-mailed to us, prior to our first consultation. Included was our son’s time line of traumas and stressful events, from conception to present in reversed order.

After our first consultation, the remedies were mailed out to us from HCH. They are DAN practitioners using only homeopathic remedies, opposed to using drugs. Detox, immune support, insomnia, speech, viral, yeast, bacteria, gut repair, thyroids, pancreatic support, emotional support, etc. , and each clients’s treatment plan is based on individual needs. The client’s time line is also addressed at the same time. Each trauma/stressful event is cleared with remedies each month, in reversed order. For example, x-rays, drugs, vaccines, ultra-sound, etc.

……..a new chapter begins. Chelation, Rx drugs, supplements, including mb-12 nasal spay, were all discontinued, except for foot-pads, and the GF/CF diet. Our family was delighted to hear about our new journey and we found they hadn’t agreed with our first choice of treatment. We don’t see it that way. We did what we knew best for our son. Learnt a new language, “Bio-language.” Every step we took, (right or wrong) was one step closer to completing the whole puzzle.

I must admit, it was hard for me at the beginning to switch. But as soon as I had my first appointment with our sequential homeopath it was like having an appointment with a DAN Dr. We were able to hand over our blue print “DAN” map. She understood every detail with ease, and spoke the Bio-language better than me. The only difference, she uses different tools than other DAN doctors, working extra hard mopping up left over residue from past chemical drugs. It wasn’t as I thought it would be, working with a sequential homeopath, if anything it was better.

March 2006~ Within a month, our son improved in all areas. His BM’s became normal as soon as we started the remedies. This came to us as a shock. He was a major gut kid. By the second month we knew he was on his way, thanks to S. Homeopathy Treatment, the most dramatic turning point in our son’s journey. It was if a light bulb had turned on. We didn’t expect any of this to happen at the rate it did. Like we said, we had agreed to try it for 4 months.

The beauty of it, all gains remained and he never complaint about talking remedies. All up-hill from here, two steps ahead, one step back, in fast motion. Yes we still see regression when clearing time line, but it quickly resolves in about two weeks. We still have ways to go, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to our incredible son, who led the way.

We lost all trust in today’s medical world. Yet some DAN Dr’s are practicing the very same thing of prescribing drugs, and using harsh chemicals in treating our kids. Imagine, on an already overburden body. In some situations, drugs can’t be avoided due to a life threatening illness. We too bought into this idea in thinking that drugs were our only option in treating our son. Please, we urge parents to find a more natural side-effect-free approach to health and healing. Which ever way you decide to embark on, we wish you the very best for your child’s healing and health.


J. S.

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