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    Here are a few of the “ground rules.”

    Please note: these forums are not HIPAA compliant, so consider that any identifiable health information you post can be seen publicly. Please don’t expose detailed and identifiable health information.

    This public forum is a place where you can get answers to general questions about our program and how it works. Our practitioners may occasionally post, and we will monitor as time allows for abusive, improper or otherwise unacceptable posts. Please be courteous and considerate of others.

    It is our hope that perhaps some of our current clients may pop on and answer from the parent perspective. We welcome current client input – if you can encourage another parent (OR YOUR PRACTITIONER!), your answers carry a lot of weight!

    We may also occasionally post or cross-post about news affecting the homeopathic or other modalities of interest in the holistic health community.

    Please limit your topics to the discussion of homeopathy. Off-topic posts, outside referrals, products or other advertising, or any posts that are abusive, overly negative, or rude will be removed.

    Remember, we can’t (and won’t) provide private consultations through this forum, nor should current clients use the forum to make refill, appointment, or health concern requests – In the interest of your/your child’s health those should always be directed to the office. If you are a current client who needs to contact your practitioner, please call the office during business hours (Tues – Fri 9am-4pm Central) at 713-366-8700, or after hours if you need a call back for an immediate health concern, please call the pager at the number listed in your client handbook. There is a charge for the return of a page.

    Are you considering our programs? If so, we hope you will explore the website, where there is lots of helpful information, and we tried to anticipate and answer many common questions about our unique approach. Be sure to check out our clients’ own words on the testimonials page, too.

    Once you’re ready to dive in, please visit our “Become a Client” page, where you can jump straight into our intake forms, purchase one of our non-individualized “Relief & Support (TM)” programs, or you can call our office at 713-366-8700 if you need to ask about more personal information. We want this to be a pleasant place for parents to share basic information as they are able, but when it comes to your/your child’s personal health information we respect your privacy – but not everyone else does! So please contact us via phone at our office.

    We exist to help people get truly healthy, we are here to help. And we look forward to seeing folks join in the conversation – ever so politely!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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