Generalized and localized chronic pain affects millions of people for many reasons.  Chronic inflammation is at the basis of most pain that is unrelated to a current injury or surgical trauma, but what causes the inflammation in the first place?   And what can be done about it?   With homeopathy, PLENTY!  Old injuries can be life impacting as they become arthritic or simply remain weak.   Can the impact of even decades-old injuries really be improved?  Through homeopathy, yes, indeed!

In our next several posts we will discuss a number of examples from our files of folks who have found relief from all sorts of chronic pain, and share some information about some possible contributors.   So let’s dive in…

More and more people seem to be complaining to their doctors about non-specific, generalized pain these days, especially in the 45+ age range, the younger end of the baby boomers.  In spite of billions of dollars of research into its causes, the answers from the medical world are not always helpful.  Many of our clients come to us after having led active, healthy, and often athletic lifestyles, but somewhere between 45-55 years of age, they started feeling aches and pains.  Too often their doctors either offered them a parade of anti-inflammatory medications, and finally narcotics which drugged them, but didn’t improve their pain significantly, or had sent them packing to a psychiatrist for psychotropic drugs because “it’s all in your head.”   At this point they often find their way to our door.

Of course each case is different, but here are some of the cases we’ve seen.  One lady who came to us had suffered with a chronic skin condition, allergies, later into asthma, and in her mid-30’s started requiring a great deal of steroids to avoid hospitalization whenever her asthma flared.   For several years the asthma diminished back to the sinuses, then as the sinuses settled down, gradually she lapsed into a longer term chronic fatigue, then fibromyalgia a few years ago.   Then the cycle began to reverse, and eventually all the problems she had cycled through over the years began to all worsen.

We had to go slowly because her breathing problems could be triggered easily along the way, so we went about a very gradual approach to try to support ongoing reduction of her systemic inflammation.   Over a period of several months, her muscle pain diminished, then the sinuses flared, then settled down “better than they’ve been in years” and gradually the skin condition was briefly revisited, but that too settled down after a week or so.  By the end of a year she realized that her energy was normalizing all through the process, with some low points, certainly from time to time, but her sinuses were better, skin and breathing problems gone, and her pain and fatigue were diminished- but not totally gone – after the first year, and she wanted to keep detoxing and improving, so we continued the process for another few months, until she plateaued.

During a regular follow up consultation I inquired, “Just curious – have you ever taken any statin drugs?”

These drugs were not listed anywhere in her history, but I’d recently attended a seminar on German Biological Medicine in which the presenter pointed out that almost 75% of his fibromyalgia patients over age 45 had been on or were currently on statin drugs.   He simply removed the statins, used some German biological homeopathic remedies to support liver and detoxification, and almost 90% recovered just from doing that.

So when I asked my client about it, she said, “Well, I only took one statin drug for a few weeks.  I finally realized I wasn’t feeling well on it, and just stopped.   My doctor wasn’t happy, so he tried another one and the same thing happened.   Finally I convinced him that my family didn’t have a history of heart disease, my cholesterol probably was due to the animal fat in my diet, so I stopped the statins.  But that was several years ago, and diet keeps it controlled.”

Adding this information to her history we realized she that her first compaint of chronic muscle pain was a mere 4 months after taking the statins.  So we did both some specific detoxification for the drugs, and added some extra liver support, since statins are work by changing the lipid metabolism of the liver.

Two weeks later her remaining pain worsened for 2 days.   She called and said, “It has gone back to when I first saw you in intensity.”  We suggested a few remedies for acute, quick relief to help her over the hump, and told her to call us if she was not significantly better in 3 days.   We didn’t hear from her again until two weeks later, at her next appointment, where she reported that every bit of her pain was gone.

That was one of her last appointments, as her condition so radically improved.

She calls us now each year in the fall to just request some remedies to keep on hand to support her immune system during cold and flu season.   And she continues into her final professional years looking forward to an active retirement “to something else” she wants to do.

Of course, other clients have come to us with similar histories, some far less impacting, but now one of my first questions is, “Have you ever taken a statin drug?”   If you or someone you know has fibromyalgia, we can help. Of course, everyone’s history is unique, and there are other factors that can cause pain.  To see a client’s life changed so deeply in such a short time is one of our most rewarding experiences.

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