Illness is a matter of susceptibility.  Susceptible people get sick, and no two people have the exact same level of resistance.  Generally, healthy people either don’t get sick or if they do the illness runs its course, then the immune system kicks in and they recover – with the added bonus in many cases (such as childhood illnesses) of establishing long term, even lifelong resistance to the same disease. At the very least, the immune system is strengthened by facing and conquering an illness on its own. This seldom-discussed phenomenon of susceptibility is why in a room full of people who are exposed to an illness will succumb, and some will resist.  Recent outbreaks of some so-called “vaccine-preventable diseases” such as measles and pertussis (“whooping cough”) have demonstrated this fact.  the cases are not necessarily just limited to the unvaccinated in the population.  In fact, in many cases, those who are vaccinated may show little or no immunity to some of these diseases.[i], [ii]  One study in Israel posited that vaccinated children and adults may actually harbor a “slient pertussis infection” and be transmitters of pertussis.[iii]

So if vaccines aren’t always a guarantee, what can be done do to boost disease resistance?  We can help!

Cleaning up the cells is a great first step and the primary aim of sequential homeopathy is to support the body so that it can release and eliminate various toxins, reducing the burden on the entire system.  Toxins such as heavy metals, environmental toxins and pesticides are known to disrupt the function of organs and systems and clog up cell respiration, nutrient transfer into the cells, detoxification of the cells and over time reduce efficiency of the entire system.  Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi from various sources can build up in an inefficient system over time, overpowering the immune responses, increasing susceptibility, if not adding to acute illnesses and chronic health problems.  The unique sequential homeopathy “centerpiece” of the Houston Homeopathy Method is  individualized for each client’s history and health symptoms, in order to work backwards through these  built-up layers of toxins and stressors that burden and weaken the system over time.

Much has been written about the negative effects of stress on health maintenance.  While we can’t make stress go away, we can focus with homeopathic remedies and gemmotherapy remedies, to support the body’s natural ways of dealing with and processing these stressors and emotions, which help to reduce the response to, hence the effects of emotional stress.  Many of our clients, even without our prior knowledge of any stress issues, report to us that they find themselves “handling stress better” after a few weeks to months of working with us.

Finally, without healthy food and a healthy digestive tract to process it into fuel for the cells, health is difficult to achieve.  We can discuss healthy dietary and lifestyle considerations that will support the work of our remedies to improve overall digestive health. For many years we have been known for helping with significant digestive problems.  Because approximately  70% of the immune system resides in the digestive tract and its flora, without healthy digestive processes there cannot be true health.

Results:  Many of our clients report becoming ill less often and less intensely than those around them as they work back through their timeline.

And if you do “catch” an illness homeopathy can also offer great options to relieve the minor symptoms and support the system to right itself quickly, reducing the duration and intensity of those symptoms.

Call us today to get you and your family started – gently and naturally with the Houston Homeopathy Method!


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