Autism is not hopeless!


1 in 91 eight-year-olds, and 1 in 58 eight-year-old boys, is now being diagnosed with autism.  This means that autism is one of the most rampant “epidemics” ever to hit children – the medical world is determined to make it appear to be a “hopeless genetic disorder”, and offers only psychotropic drugs, which are not healing, and often have undesirable side effects.  We have a better answer – hope, healing, and recovery – all without drugs. We can help

Sadly, much of autism research is largely focused on finding a cause or a genetic link for autistic tendencies.  There appear to be some inborn predispositions to some of the problems of autism.  But sadly, autism is being portrayed as a hopeless psychiatric problem.  True, autistic behaviors can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist or developmental psychologist (we are neither). However, the behaviors are a reaction to very wide-ranging physical symptoms.

Our unique Sequential/Integrative Homepathic approach can help unlock toxins trapped in cells, organs and system of the body, in order to help reverse this vicious cycle.

What if you have a child with autism?

What if you have a child with autism? We offer some drug-free answers. The first thing we must say is “there is hope.”

Autism, contrary to many mainstream media reports, is anything but a hopeless psychiatric disorder. Children with autism are very sick and in pain.  They suffer from a number of digestive problems, chemical toxicity, metal toxicity, viral, bacterial and parasitic overloads, auto-immune problems, etc.  Many studies have implicated the role of vaccines in general, and certain vaccines such as the MMR, in particular as contributors to autism.  Additionally, there has been a great deal of evidence that environmental toxins may be contributing in a large way to some children’s autism.

Autism truly is a multi-factorial problem, not a mental disease. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD, described autism as “a primary gut disorder with secondary brain symptoms.”  This has been consistent with what we see as we have focused on many of the problems of the digestive tract with “our” kids.  In other words, what happens in their gut affects their behaviors in many ways.  Natural health and healing modalities have long focused on the health of the colon as paramount to good health.

Autism is a complex biomedical condition, not a psychiatric, psychological or developmental flaw.  Homeopathy Center of Houston’s homeopaths have combined many different homeopathic approaches to address the many physical and emotional issues behind autism and autistic spectrum disorders.  We work with homeopathic remedies, and a very small number of herbal remedies, instead of drugs, for detoxification and healing of the symptoms of and causes behind autism.

Our results are speaking for themselves. Literally.  Our children detoxify, eliminate, release, one layer at a time, as we work backward through their individual histories.  We find great joy when one of “our” kids speaks for the first time, or gets a “rave review” from his teachers.

The children we work with come to us with many names for this spectrum of problems: Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder.  Homeopathy does not treat a disease or its name.  Homeopathy merely aids the body’s own vital healing forces to eliminate whatever is causing the problem, no matter what the name.  As those blockages and toxins reduce in numbers, the system can begin to recover, using its own natural, built-in healing and detoxification mechanisms.  As recovery of this delicate balance is achieved, children naturally improve their behavior, language, and begin to join our world as they were meant to do.

Children can and do recover from autism spectrum disorders with time, patience and homeopathic remedies to rebalance their systems.  We don’t give up easily, as many of our parents will attest.  Through our willingness to think outside of many boxes, we have put together an individualized approach that works in the most non-toxic way known to health and healing.

We have a number of children who came to us with the additional label “non-responder to biomedical treatment of autism.”  This sad scenario has been turned into a much happier ending.  Several of our most difficult cases have now seen significant (and ongoing) improvement in their overall health, hence their autistic behaviors have improved significantly.

With over 45 combined years of educational, developmental and homeopathic experience with the problems of autism, we can help.

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