We’ve recently noted several internet sources citing costs for the Homeopathy Center of Houston’s Houston Homeopathy Method for autism.  While we’re grateful that these sources generally acknowledge our good work and success rates, the misinformation regarding the costs of Houston Homeopathy Method for autism  motivates us to update and set the records straight.  Please note, these costs are for our “worst case scenarios” of autism or serious chronic illness problems.  For acute or minor health issues,  costs are magnitudes less expensive. This information does not apply to our method for other health problems.


“Houston Homeopathy Method for autism is very expensive and costs $1000 or more per month”

  •  The average Houston Homeopathy Method for autism invoice (all inclusive) is actually less than half that amount for most people most months.  Our average invoice calculations are inclusive of consultation fee, all remedies, and shipping, even averaging the higher costs associated with international shipment and still fits comfortably within the US range of costs merely for homeopathic consultations, according to the National Center of Homeopathy.
  • We require no travel for in-person consultations – a huge cost savings.  Few homeopaths in the US offer long distance phone or video consultations, nor convenient home delivery after the consultation, but we do.
  •  Due to improvements to the Houston Homeopathy Method, bulk buying and proprietary combination products, our average, all-inclusive invoice costs have actually dropped by approximately $100 in the past 5 years, while delivering more products for the cost, and most important, better results than ever.  That is a real value.

“Other homeopaths do the same thing with great autism “recovery” success and for a fraction of the cost.”

  • No one else does what we do at any price, with a measurable success rate, much less at the level of services we provide.  The Houston Homeopathy Method for autism,  is exclusively ours, and is the only homeopathic method that is based on biomedical research and science of autism, researched and independently developed by our practitioners.  The methodology and many of our products that build our success with health improvements are proprietary, exclusive to us and unavailable elsewhere. (see https://homeopathyhouston.com/our-methods/ for details).
  • What we learned from autism has applied to and  improved our success rates other chronic and acute illnesses – resulting in faster, smoother recovery with less likelihood of an ultimate return of symptoms.
  • Our standards for “recovery” are very high.  We believe it should fit Hahnemann’s “highest ideal of cure” which is the “gentle and permanent restoration of health, that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way…” We don’t consider a child recovered from autism until they meet our standards.  We have over 100 case studies of recovery that meet those standards.
  • We have yet to see similar hard, supported data of autism recovery from other homeopaths (classical or otherwise) nor, more importantly, their standards used to define ‘recovery.’    Without information regarding success (and what constitutes success), any comparison of cost is flawed and unhelpful.
The math and history behind Houston Homeopathy Method for autism costs 

As our  learning curve began in 2002 with the biomedical aspects of autism, we had to find, research and explore literally hundreds of “name brand” products and create around them an entirely new and different method of applications – because our kids’ challenges required it to help them.  We bought remedies in small quantities until it was determined whether they fit into our program.  So our per unit costs were higher.  But as our own experience guided the process, we found less expensive alternatives, such as our custom or combined proprietary formulas, or simply purchased products in larger quantities – reducing costs and providing better, more effective products.  Even during this most expensive phase of program development, as recently as 5 years ago, our average monthly cost was within the range of the typical homeopathic consultation cost.

In spite of spiraling prices in shipping and business costs, our proprietary formulas and bulk buying power has been passed on to our clients.  Result:  a better, easier to administer program with better outcomes, and a drop in prices.  Today our average invoice has actually dropped by $100 per invoice over the costs 5 years ago, all inclusive.

Another fact – there are indeed exceptional cases, especially with autism, where clients have spent $1000/month with us.  But that is not typical for every month for any client.  Those  rumored monthly costs were exceptions, such as highly complex cases, or accidental overuse of remedies.  Occasionally a client may  need more items than usual to manage additional symptoms that might come up while working with us.  Some clients request “extras” such as duplicates for travel, or extra items for use by other family members.  A number of clients like to keep a stockpile of their daily remedies on hand.  Those unusual occasions were temporary, or anomalous.  Yet, even those are included in our invoice average calculations.  Clearly in healthcare, there is no such thing as an “average health need.”  Each person and each need is unique, which is why we use  and average of all inclusive invoices for comparison

The averages we have calculated include every invoice from complex clients with significant needs, the more expensive 90 minute intial consultations, which necessitate everything to get started, and sometimes include a 50-remedy “just-in-case” kit at the same time.  Even with all of those included, as well as “stockpilers”, our invoices today average $100 less than they were even 5 years ago.  all inclusive.  Our averages have never approached the figures that grabbed internet attention.

Our average total fees are well within national average for homeopathic consultations

Even 10 years ago, the National Center for Homeopathy reported that the average homeopathic consultation, including one single remedy (which costs about $5-20 for a single-remedy) was $500.  Today they report that a range for homeopathic consultation fees is $150-500.  Some are only the consult fees, some provide a single or very small number of remedies.  Our invoice calculations include our consultation fee, literally dozens to hundreds of remedies and 5 day per week support through our full time staff, plus shipping and remain nicely within that range.

Never better – never more affordable

We firmly believe Houston Homeopathy Method for autism has always been a bargain in healthcare.  We offer full time support through our office, 5 days per week, four highly trained, skilled, experienced and caring practitioners, and the convenience of  phone or internet video consultations and home delivery at no extra cost.  Most important, we care about getting you or your family member fully healthy.  We have documented success stories, with autism and many other “hopeless” health challenges, and offer fast relief of common acute illnesses.  And our all-inclusive costs are within the national average for homeopaths.

With lower invoice costs than ever, continual improvements to our system with no sacrifice in the level of caring, success and client satisfaction, there has never been a better, more affordable time to come to Houston Homeopathy Method for autism.  Your health is priceless, and we modestly believe we are one of the best healthcare values in alternative medicine available anywhere, at any price.

Why wait any longer?  Check us out now!


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