Homeopathy Injuries Healing: Many of our clients have chronic joint inflammation and pain from old injuries.  One woman who has remained very active into her 60’s called after a major fall from a bicycle one evening.   Unfortunately her knee collided with a steel lamppost base, and the concrete beneath it when she swerved to avoid an animal on a hike and bike trail.  She ended up being taken to an ER, where they gave her a few stitches for the gash and applied some antibiotic ointment.  She called the office the next day, saying that the gash was inflamed, with a yellowish drainage, and that the knee was now terribly sore from the bruising.  She had remembered to take homeopathic Arnica montana from her remedy kit as soon as she’d returned home the night before, which we always recommend after any bruising injury.  But the knee was increasingly stiffer and more painful.

We worked with her using some German Biological remedies to clear up the drainage, which stopped almost the next day.  She continued to use the remedies to promote healing, which was uneventful and much shorter than the doctors foresaw.  She had been told  to expect arthritis to “set into this injury permanently.”  After the first two weeks the pain was significantly diminished, as long as she remembered to faithfully take the daily support remedies.  However, the joint remained somewhat painful until we addressed it sequentially for the deep bruising and inflammation.   Over the next two months there was an ongoing reduction until finally the knee only hurt on rare occasions with other previously injured joints, such as during one of our famous Houston autumn cold fronts.  Since then we’ve continued to address systemic inflammation.  I know she’s doing well when she says, “Nothing hurts and I want to keep it that way.  Can I please get some refill remedies?”

Her long-standing arthritis has improved significantly, and she is happy to just keep chiseling away at it over time.  When one particular joint becomes stubbornly problematic, with some questioning, we discover that it was another old injury, sometimes even from childhood.  As we continue the sequential unlayering process with deeper acting remedies, she gains more permanent relief and long-term healing.  There are many other factors that can bring on chronic joint pain.  Lyme disease, lupus, chronic fatigue symdrome, and generalized rheumatic conditions, all are very responsive to homeopathy.  All can include localized joint pain and inflammation, or muscle and joint pain together.

Using homeopathic remedies for an acute injury from an accident, such as our HCH Joint and Muscle Pain Formula, or the HCH First Aid Ointment can quickly act to promote fast healing, reduce inflammation and pain levels.  Our occasional Homeopathic Self-care Classes can help you become comfortable with using homeopathy as your family’s “urgent care clinic in a box” at home, then for deeper, older, more chronic complaints, we offer the deeper healing of old injuries and chronic pain through consultations and the Houston Homeopathy Method to clear out the remaining trauma that is held in the cells and help establish better health and long-term recovery.

If an injury occurs, minimize the damage, get it checked out by your doctor, but call us once everything is set in place, sewn up or set properly to let homeopathy support faster, deeper and more complete healing.  And if you’re still suffering from previous traumas, the Houston Homeopathy Method can help your body to help itself reduce the chronic pain and weakness left behind from past injury.

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