While no approach can claim a cure for the common cold, homeopathy offers many remedies that can significantly reduce the misery of the symptoms, and shorten the duration.  Homeopathy can also help with typical “secondary infections” that may follow a cold, such as ear aches, lingering coughs, or sinus infections.  Of course, if those problems crop up every time a person has a cold, they will likely need long-term cleansing and healing of the weaknesses that have caused them to become recurrent or chronic.  But there are some wonderful combination remedies that we recommend to our clients.

Homeopathy Cold And Flu
First, the earlier in the onset a homeopathic remedy is used, the more likely the duration and intensity will be improved.  If you have been exposed to a cold wind just prior to the onset of cold symptoms, we suggest that you take a few pellets of Aconitum napellum 12C or 30C, dissolve them in a “sport bottle” of drinking or spring water, and sip on the remedy 3-6X hourly for several hours.  Once the symptoms have subsided, begin hourly sips of the remedy, throughout that day. If the symptoms are gone the next day, probably you have escaped a full-blown cold.  This remedy is especially indicated where there is a degree of fear of becoming ill.

If you have cold symptoms that “sneak up” slowly at the onset, with an odd feeling that something isn’t quite right, as soon as you realize there is a problem, another remedy to try, as early as possible, is Ferrum phosphoricum 12C or 30C.  Again, we suggest dissolving a few pellets in a bottle of water, and sipping frequently for several hours, then spacing out the sips as the symptoms dissipate.  This remedy will only help prevent a full-blown cold if used frequently and early. After about 24 hours, unless there are other symptoms, such as nosebleeds, fatigue and paleness, if the cold is intensifying, Ferrum phos. may become useless.  At that point, the symptoms must be evaluated and appropriately matched remedies must be given.

Another remedy that is very helpful if there is concern about contracting either cold or flu, is Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum.  This is sold under a variety of commercial names, sometimes by itself, or with other remedies in combination.   We have found both to be useful for consumers.  Again, this is a remedy that works best when used frequently and early in the onset.  Our office usually keeps both on hand for sale.  They also are widely available at many health food stores, as well as some pharmacy chains. This is a remedy I suggest that all my clients keep with their remedy kits at all times, since early administration is imperative.  As with Ferrum phos, this remedy works best in the first 24 hours.

If you have symptoms that include a high fever, stiffness of the neck or back, or other possibly serious symptoms, please consult a healthcare professional, as these could be signs of something more serious.

Our office offers acute care, but because homeopathy requires us to know how our clients typically respond to illness or toxicity, we offer a “get to know me” consultation to establish the relationship when clients and their families are healthy, then if an illness or accident arises, we can offer an immediate acute care option.

For chronic health problems, such as chronic sinusitis,  we work with clients in an ongoing basis, to find the causation.  Sequential homeopathy can allow us to strengthen and cleanse the overall immune response systems so that colds and flu are either less frequently contracted, or they are minimal in their effects.

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