Whether it is problems of menopause, PMS, painful periods, heavy periods, difficulty conceiving, periodic swelling and bloating, or other problems of being a woman, homeopathy offers amazing answers.

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Homeopathy can effectively help the body rebalance its own hormones without hormone replacement therapy, drugs or other potentially dangerous or side-effect laden approaches.  If there are emotional symptoms, homeopathy shines, offering both temporary relief from the symptoms as they occur, as well as helping to work to rebalance the hormonal imbalances that may be contributing to them, and letting any emotional issues surface and be processed.

Premenstrual emotional and physiological problems are often nagging, uncomfortable, even marriage-threatening.  The adage, “if Mom’s not happy, no one is happy” is a deep spiritual truth!  Sometimes there have been emotional traumas that try to surface during “that time of month.”  In other cases, it is strictly hormonal imbalance, perhaps set up by use of birth control pills or other hormone therapies that have allowed the body to become further out of balance, once eliminated.  Homeopathy has worked wonders for some clients almost immediately.

Where there is a history of emotional trauma, usually it takes several months, even years to process through the issues, but the homeopathy will eventually peel back the layers until none are left to cause trouble.  Then, if there are still problems, most often it is the hormones which are then ready to rebalance.

Did you know that a lowfat diet can inhibit your ability to become pregnant?  Our homeopaths consider all aspects of lifestyle before we determine that “it’s just not meant to be.”  One client still jokingly accuses us of “getting my child’s tutor pregnant” when her hormones rebalanced  after working with us, and she and her husband conceived after several years of “trying to get pregnant.”

Sequential homeopathy can address most female cycle problems, given time and some patience while we gently nudge the body to find its own balance, instead of using a sledge-hammer approach of supplementation with artificial or plant-based hormones.  Truly homeopathy’s gentleness and thoroughness works in complete concert with a woman’s sensitive hormonal cycles.  Another reason we believe that homeopathy is divinely-inspired healing.

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