Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism

Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism

Pioneers in Homeopathy for Autism

By 2001, our homeopaths were already seeing clients with autism. Since the children we saw could not give us verbal information, we sought information from the biomedical pioneers in autism to bolster our understanding of what systems were malfunctioning and what specific behaviors signified.

After attending the first Defeat Autism Now!® practitioner training in New Orleans in January 2003, we realized that autism, just as homeopathy, would present a lifelong professional learning curve. We grew the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism out of our hallmark method of sequential homeopathy for general chronic illness by applying sequential homeopathy principles to the research done by the “Defeat Autism Now! docs.”

As their knowledge base grew, so our program grew in what and how it could address and heal the causations of autism they discovered. We found that combining sequential homeopathy with German Biological medicine and proprietary remedy formulas could even better address problems of autism.

This led to pain reduction, greatly improved behaviors, and sometimes total recovery, but always to better, smoother outcomes for the child.

Our focus is for each child to reach his/her potential for good health, as comfortably, quickly, and affordably as possible.

There is no arbitrary “cut-off point” of ages where our program is going to no longer be helpful. We have worked with children of all ages and levels of severity.

We know that the investment you make, whether in the full Houston Homeopathy Method of Sequential Homeopathy for autism, or the affordable Autism Relief + Support Program, will reap huge dividends in your child’s better health and life options.

Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism Difference

With each monthly consultation, the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism works back chronologically through causational vaccine and other impacting events, traumas, and chemical contributors to autism, homeopathically clearing in-depth through each child’s unique vaccine and health history to give them the best possible outcome. While respecting and harnessing the body’s own wisdom and healing mechanisms, we follow it’s natural hierarchies of healing, from the chronological aspects of the personal history to effectively analyzing behaviors and symptoms as indicators of physiological disturbances. Our professionals facilitate the weaving of a healthy tapestry for each client to achieve the greatest possible results.

While a few other homeopathic methods have begun to focus on vaccine injury and clearing, none have taken as comprehensive look at the many other contributing factors such as clearing for environmental toxins, radiation and EMF effects, drug residual and “side” effects, gut healing and microbiome health. Our framework is built upon a chronological natural aspect of “last in, first out” regarding the healing process, sequential homeopathy. Through experience, we have also developed proprietary autism-centric formulas to stimulate healing of systems and processes damaged by vaccines and drugs, restore organ, tissue and immune system health, reduce inflammatory processes, support emotional healing as well as detoxification, on a daily basis. Our extensive research and focus on development of these formulas specifically for the problems of autism with an awareness of the sensitivities many autistic persons may have, greatly smooths out the detoxification and restoration process.

Two programs, two opportunities for your child to become healthier.

It is from these proprietary products that our new Autism Relief + Support Program was developed. We realize that we cannot possibly reach all children with autism with the full HHM. As practitioners, the HHM is demanding of our time and mental energy. And the HHM’s monthly cost may put it out of reach of families who are already stressed both financially and energetically. By creating gentle new formulas, as well as selecting a number of our proven combinations, we are making available two professionally-chosen packages as a highly affordable program with the goal of helping many more children. It is our intent to share the fruits of our experience to empower more parents to help their children move toward health.

The deeply healing aspects of sequential homeopathy will always be the hallmark of our success with autism, PANDAS and other chronic pathologies. But we are excited that we can now offer two great levels of our healing progream to those with autism – the complete Houston Homeopathy Method of sequential homeopathy for Autism and the new Homeopathy Autism Relief + Support Program.

Acknowledged cutting-edge leaders in homeopathy

We proudly can say that well over 150 children who have followed our entire sequential homeopathy method have fully recovered from autism.

Many more have had health, pain and behavioral improvements, even if they were not fully recovered – significantly improving the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Will every child with autism fully recover under our programs? No. No one in healthcare can ever guarantee any particular outcome. The human body is as unique from person to person as every grain of sand or snowflake is unlike any other, and everyone heals in his own timing and order, or has her own physical limitations to full recovery. But we are confident that virtually every child we work with leaves our program healthier for the time spent in detoxification, gut health improvement, and vaccine clearing. And many have gained life-changing progress that has a long term impact on not only themselves, but their entire family. The child’s future transforms from pain, hopelessness and chaos to opportunity for fulfilling life experiences, gratification, pleasure and tranquility they have not achieved through other therapies and protocols.

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There is HELP. There is HOPE.

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