Because of the focus on causation of  health problems, The Houston Homeopathy Method is adept at helping pain – all sorts of pain, chronic and acute, joint, muscle, gut, sinus, etc.  As professionals, we have seen the approach prove itself capable of offering long term recovery from most of our clients’ complaints.  Natural healing certainly can take time and sequential homeopathy requires time to clear the original causational factors, but the HHM’s integration of many different types of homeopathic approaches can offer at least some, if not significant relief from the primary complaints early on, while working backwards to those causational factors.  Long term recovery from any longstanding chronic pain or illness will typically not be an overnight miracle with any methodology, but our proven methods and individualized approach can answer your (or your child’s) need for pain relief.

One of the most rewarding things we do is relieve pain.   Whether it is digestive pain in an adult with indigestion or gut lesions, gut pain in one of our autistic clients, arthritis or other joint pain from old injuries, chronic headaches, back pain, or generalized, systemic pain, painful skin lesions, digestive discomfort, headaches, etc. clients can normally get some pain relief quickly of the current symptoms.  Then for long term healing, we work through their history towards causational factors to mitigate the problem from a causational standpoint. While the temporary short–term remedies may not necessarily provide permanent relief in most cases of chronic pain, they serve to reduce the acute onset rather quickly.

A recent case:  A friend mentioned to us at a social meeting that his back had been really hurting since overusing it while doing some building.  He was given a few homeopathic “support” or acute care remedies, and in particular our joint and muscle relief ointment to take home and try.  The next week he called and said that his pain had literally gone away, and he’d passed his ointment on to his son-in-law.  Unbeknownst to me, the young man was fighting almost daily horrible headaches, quite possibly at the level of a migraine.  He’s a very hard worker construction contractor, and would often work through the pain, but it was a miserable situation.  He had been self-medicating with over-the-counter NSAID medication, taking up to 20 pills a day.

The young man started using the remedies for joint pain on his neck, and the very first time he used them, his headache pain was greatly reduced.   The improvements have maintained over the last year.   We know that there is a good chance that eventually he will need to address whatever originally caused the headaches, or perhaps they will disappear over time with the use of his support remedies.  But he gained a great deal of respect for homeopathy’s tremendous ability to heal and give relief without drugs.  Just a few days ago another friend and I were discussing this.  She was getting a headache, and often had “migraines” so I grabbed the Joint and Muscle Pain ointment and she applied it to her neck.  Soon she realized that headache was nearly gone, and had never gotten to the point of severity they usually did.

Old injuries, whether back, neck, or joint related, are common focal points where arthritis can begin to take root.  Sometimes the joint never fully rehabiltiates itself.  These, too can be helped in the short term with joint and muscle pain formula ointments for significant immediate relief, but there are dozens of cases in our files where pain from injuries decades old has actually reversed itself through the Houston Homeopathy Method’s sequential cleansing and healing approach.  One gentleman who was a self-proclaimed non-believer in homeopathy’s reality was dragged to us by his wife, already a client, for his chronic sinusitis and headaches.  While it took us a few months to fully resolve the sinus pain, in working through old injuries and inflammation to help his sinuses, in the first month he noticed that the tendonitis in his right elbow had gone away.  He hadn’t even mentioned it to us in his intake forms nor at the first consultation.  But he was very excited to have taken a few strokes off his golf game because his swing improved with the pain relief!  I’m not sure he ever admitted that it was the homeopathy – but he did stay with us long enough to ultimately also resolve his first complaint – the sinus pain!

Current injuries also can heal much faster and with fewer complications with homeopathic support.  One of my favorite long-time clients called me a few years ago after a biking accident.  She had cut her knee badly, but more seriously, she also sprained it and it was painful to walk on.  As a high school teacher, she couldn’t easily just stay home for a week to recover, so we did our best, once the urgent care doctors stitched the cut, to get her started on remedies she already had on hand to help her heal quickly.  We recommended a homeopathic first aid ointment with Calendula to help heal the cut, a second ointment that had some anti-infective qualities for cuts and scrapes, plus we started her immediately on homeopathic Arnica montana for soft tissue bruising and swelling, plus Ruta graveolens for the connective tissue strain and injury, and finally homeopathic Rhus tox. We had her put a few pellets of each in water and sip on it very frequently that first afternoon and evening.  Over the next few days she reduced the frequency of the remedies, continued to use the topical ointments, and by the time she had to go to school Monday morning (the accident happened on a Thursday), she was walking unassisted with very little pain, and everything healed up in half the time the doctor had predicted she would be “out of commission” and with no infection, very little scarring, and no residual weakness in the knee.  A few years later, she reinjured the knee but with ongoing support from homeopathy, it is not negatively affecting her activity now that she is retiring from teaching.



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