“Homotoxicology is both simple and as elegant as our bodies’  divinely-designed mechanisms of natural healing. This amazing theory inspired one of the cornerstones of the Houston Homeopathy Method.”

Homotoxicology is a term coined by Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D. The word itself means the study of the effects of toxins on humans. Dr. Reckeweg observed that there were several generalized stages of destabilization, and ultimately destruction of the human organism in response to the level of toxicity in the body’s “terrain” – the intracellular space bathing the cells, as well as the cell plasma itself.  He noted patterns of various levels of reactions and damage to the human body as toxicity increased.

He theorized that, if the vital force were strong enough to recover, the processes of intoxication could be reversed through detoxification.  He developed a system of detoxification centered around very specific homeopathic remedies. In the experience of many other homeopaths and naturopaths around the world, including our own observations, his approach was quite accurate.

The theory of homotoxicology is both simple and as elegant as our bodies’ divinely-designed mechanisms of natural healing. It is that theory that is at the heart of sequential homeopathy, the cornerstone of the Houston Homeopathy Method.

Due to the illnesses of toxicity today being so deeply entrenched, we have found we needed to go far beyond the fairly low potency, generalized organ-supportive detoxification remedies employed by homotoxicology. And unfortunately, Dr. Reckeweg’s original formulas are now difficult if not impossible to find in the US.

The Houston Homeopathy Method was developed out of observation of deeply entrenched damage in our chronically ill clients not only from toxins, but from pathogens, EMFs and other forms of radiation, as well as emotional and physical assaults and traumas to the system.  Early in our training in sequential homeopathy, we were taught that since the body heals itself in reverse chronological order, each trauma could be lifted away from the body with many different remedies, depending upon the components of each trauma.  For instance, for an old soft-tissue injury, we would use arnica, if a bone were broken, we would add symphytum, and if surgery were done, we would use staphysagria, just as if the trauma were a current event. We also learned that remedies made from various pathogens could also be used, as well as those made from the actual toxins, if we could discern them.  By using these very specific remedies, sequential homeopathy harnesses the theory of homotoxicology, but with far deeper acting remedies aimed at specific and wide-ranging aspects of traumas.

By addressing traumas and toxins in reverse chronological order, we are able to lift away approximately one “layer” or event of trauma every few weeks. Over time, we not only are able to relieve suffering, but to do so more permanently because the method truly addresses every aspect of the actual root of health problems.

Other methodologies within the homeopathy umbrella are also a part of the Houston Homeopathy Method’s thoroughness and uniqueness, such as isopathy, sarcode therapy, classical homeopathy, gemmotherapy, oligotherapy, organotherapy, cytokine therapy, Bach Flower therapy and more.  But we believe our development of our own proprietary detoxification and support formulae are up to the task of keeping up with the task set before us in the 21st century. Truly we are humbled to have built this comprehensive method on the shoulders of many giants! Dr. Reckeweg was a genius, and we are forever indebted to him for his work.


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