Most of the discussion of early intervention for autism, Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD-NOS), and Asperger’s Syndrome refers to adaptive therapies, such as speech or occupational therapies, ABA, etc.  However, in the biomedical realm of autism, early intervention is equally important for many reasons, not the least of which is, if a child recovers physiologically, the autistic behaviors will be reduced as well, and socially and developmentally, fewer steps will have been lost along the way, so there is less to catch up from.  This applies equally to the Houston Homeopathy Method for autism.   In our case, because of the importance of “clearing through” a person’s chronological history (the timeline), the shorter the life, the shorter the timeline, and typically, the fewer traumatic events that have to be cleared.

Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method

Many of our clients come to us after having exhausted all the typical (and often more expensive) therapies – many of which could have been avoided altogether, or would have required less time had we been their first choice for physiological and emotional intervention.   In addition, as drug-based interventions are added, from our perspective, those drugs include toxins and produce additional side effects.  That means we must clear the child for those interventions, as additional events on the child’s timeline of chemical exposures and emotional traumas (for some of the more invasive treatments and procedures) before we can get back to “square one” of “just” where the autism began, rather than being able to tackle the autism’s original causational factors of the pathogens and toxins directly involved.

The framework of the Houston Sequential Homeopathy Method ( whether for autism or any chronic illness in adults or children) is a timeline, a personal, chronological history of the client’s physical, mental and emotional traumas. These include drug and other chemical exposures, invasive testing, surgery or other medical interventions such as radiation, chemotherapy, etc, accidents and injuries, serious illnesses, vaccinations, birth trauma of the client and any experiences of the mother during gestation, labor, delivery and inherited toxins and those that may have passed to the child during breast feeding.

In general, there is a general time frame of about 3-5 weeks, with the average being 4 weeks, between each homeopathic clearing of any two events.  This allows time for the remedies to be given and do the work of detoxification and healing the insult to the greatest degree possible.  With our autistic clients, this may translate into a time of either mild or dramatic improvement while taking the packets (usually over 3-6 days), followed by a brief increase of symptoms for a few hours to a few days around 2 weeks after taking the first of the clearing packets, then followed by a return to baseline, or improvements that continue until the need for the next set of “clearing packets”.  The time variation is determined by each client’s responsiveness.   As a general rule, younger children detox and respond more quickly than older children and adults, most likely due to their faster metabolism.  However, our experience across the board is that a minimum of 3-4 weeks is required for virtually every client before the next set of packets.

Each set of clearing packets is specifically custom designed for each of that particular client’s events, one at a time, in reverse chronological order.   We consider each traumatic event very carefully, including the report of its immediate after-effects, and try to provide remedies to address all aspects of that trauma, emotional and physical.

For children who get multiple vaccines, each set of vaccines that were given on any day is addressed as one event, as well as any adverse reactions that are reported.   Since we can only address one vaccine event per month, because that is how long it takes the body to work through it, obviously the more vaccines a child has, the longer it will take us to fully clear their timeline.  I’ve had parents ask if we could “just combine all the vaccines and clear them all at once.”  The answer now is a resounding, “that’s a bad idea!” It takes time and energy to detoxify.  It takes adherence to respect for the God-designed natural way our bodies were designed to heal, one layer or event at a time.  In other words, you can’t push an airplane.

Healing takes time and energy, as well as conditions conducive to healing.  But as you can see from the above description, those children who come to us before adding more traumas, drugs and toxins, as well as more chronological life experiences, will require less time to clear through their personal traumatic timeline.

Additionally, there is the common sense matter that if a child is able to be detoxified and healed during early development, physiologically, neurologically, socially, developmentally, they will have missed fewer developmental “milestones” and therefore will have less to catch up on once healing has occurred.

As a rule, our children who come to us first, prior to other biomedical interventions progress better in other adaptive therapies, often outgrowing the need for them – this is certain to save money for the parents, and most important, it means the child will develop his/her place in life and sense of well-being and health at an early age.  It also means ample opportunity for parents to instill the importance of habits for health early on, before peers and propaganda ingrains poor eating and other habits which may not be healthy for any of us, much less a child with a predisposition to neurological health problems.

The bottom line for the clinicians at Homeopathy Center of Houston is this:

  • the shorter the timeline, the clearer the picture of what may be wrong
  • the fewer the traumas, vaccines and biomedical drug-based interventions, the less we have to detoxify them to get down to the “brass tacks” of what caused the autism in the first place
  • the faster the metabolism, in general, the faster the child may cleanse and heal
  • For having worked with us, every client is clearer of toxins and healthier, and therefore will get the most out of any ancillary therapies they may pursue.
  • If we can recover a child earlier, it will results in savings of pain and suffering for the child and his/her parents, as well as monetary savings as needs for other therapies are shortened or eliminated, and increased productivity for the whole family.
  • No matter how long it takes us to recover a child (whether a year or 5 or 6) a life returned to one of lessened suffering and productivity is priceless.

Obviously each of us is genetically, chemically, and developmentally unique (something that the world of pharmaceutical interventions has yet to admit to), so each person’s experience of cleansing and healing is unique to them.  The general guidelines above are only a rule of thumb. But in our experience, children who start with homeopathy early generally recover more smoothly, if not more quickly, than those who come to us later.  And those who start with homeopathy will always leave our office healthier for the detoxification process that we undertake.

Please don’t misunderstand:  not all of our “quickest turnarounds” are little kiddos – some of our children who  came to us with a history a mile long have surprised us at how quickly they recovered, and some of our youngest children whose parents had done nothing else have taken us a long time to recover them.  However those parents have stuck with us because they still saw ongoing, if slower than expected improvements are the ones who will see the greatest improvements, with the goal being full recovery for every child if at all possible.  And we believe every child on the autism spectrum can become connected to this world, find their own paths, and become productive, if not fully self-sufficient members of society.

There is much more that could be said about constitutional types,  inherited toxins, pathogens and other influences, etc., which will be covered over time as we add to our website.

In conclusion, as a mother, I would like to state that I wish that I had recognized my son’s Asperger’s earlier and started the Houston Homeopathic Method for Autism sooner.  My personal favorite success story, he is now recovered from Asperger’s Syndrome.  It is my belief that he suffered emotionally from the wrong diagnoses at school, and the academic and social issues that his Asperger’s set up for him as a child. Fortunately, he is now a healthy, strong, well-spoken and “un-Aspy” young man with a responsible job, girlfriend, car, and close friends who have grown up with him, and new friends and adults who meet him now, and never know the diagnosis nor the social and academic pain he had to suffer through.  He is headed into a career, with plans to begin to counsel children with autism spectrum disorders, whether diagnosed or not.  He holds the distinction of being “the only child we’ve ever seen totally lose an official diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome” per his school district’s diagnosticians and psychologists.  Sad only because even after seeing his progress, they still can’t send others to HCH who could be helped by the HHM.

Yes, I believe in the Houston Homeopathy Method as an early intervention – as a clinician I’ve seen the difference it has made for dozens of children in our practice, and as a mother, I watched my own son blossom once we cleared his system of the vaccines, pathogens and toxins that had weighed down his immune system, creating the social, sensory and academic problems for too many years.  If I had realized sooner what needed to be done, his school years could have been much easier.  But the goal was ultimately reached by the time he reached high school, and his high school years were made up of typical memories of academics, after school activities with friends, proms and graduation with his class.  Now he is a busy young adult and our biggest discussions center around what career path appeals to him!  A happy ending, if there ever were one.

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