Hi Lindyl and Cindy,

I just had to write to let you know a couple of things that we think are huge just since starting this last round of clearings.

I know that this month started birth clears, and we heard something incredibly in tune with that from Wyatt a couple of days ago. For just one or two days, he informed us very clearly that he wants to be two years old again. When asked why, he would reply “because then I wouldn’t have to be sick anymore.” He then would start to cry and need to be comforted. To say we were completely floored by this is a huge understatement. Nothing like this has ever come out of Wyatt’s mouth, and after a couple of days, it has not been repeated either. Another huge step forward is that we have finally convinced him that it is time to poop on the toilet, and he is actually starting to do that!

His speech seems to have really taken another jump, as well as motor skills, as he just the other day completed coloring a couple of pictures that are way better than any other past attempts. His hand writing has also greatly improved. I know that he has not reached the peak of the clear yet this month, so it remains to be seen what happens then, but I just had to let you know of these few things while it’s fresh in mind.

As I mentioned, I am working on a new video of Wyatt, and plan on including clips that specifically show things like his improvements in school work etc… I hope to add them to Wyatt’s website soon.

Dave Snyder

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