I just want to give Lindyl, Cindy, and everyone at the Homeopathy Center of Houston update on the progress of our son Wyatt on his road to complete recovery from toxin induced Autism. As you know, Wyatt is coming up on the one year mark of the beginning of working with HCH at the end of this month (Feb). The changes in Wyatt are too many to even list completely, but I want to thank you for some of the biggest ones taking place now.

We were told by early intervention specialists years ago that Wyatt might never talk, in spite of the fact that he lost all the speech that he had only after receiving a batch of vaccinations. I wish you could hear in person the way Wyatt is now talking up a storm, and having full two way conversations with us about all the things that get him excited, (and those things are many). We are continually blown away by seeing real progress after each month’s remedies.

While he is still clearing the MMR vaccine, we know this is a big one for him because with each month we are seeing huge changes in two way speech, and his whole health overall. Before the shots Wyatt was in the 80th percentile on growth charts. After the shots, he began to not thrive at all, and only grew extremely slowly until we started with HCH. Now, just one year later, his growth is really starting to take off again much more like normal. He’s grown over another inch in the last 3 months alone, and is now beginning to catch up on his peers at school.

Everything across the board from his social skills, to motor skills, digestion, speech, and growth rate is improving as we see new gains happen immediately after each month’s layer releases. We now see light at the end of the tunnel, and that light spells the day when Wyatt will be restored to total health and no longer have even the need to stay on a restricted diet.

We can see that day rapidly approaching, but in the meantime we have our son back! He has improved to the point where only a trained eye who spends a lot of time with him would ever suspect he ever had any problems. While we know he still has a ways to go before completing his journey, my feeling is that right now he is about 80 percent of the way home.

We cannot thank you enough for your incredible work with Wyatt, and want to especially thank Wyatt’s practitioner Lindyl for her incredibly gifted expertise.

Anyone who may wish further recommendation as to the effectiveness of the HCH method need only visit our website www.wyattswayhome.org where they can read more and email us with any questions. We would be only too happy to help others find the amazing healing that our son has through you.
Please feel free to publish or post our testimonial anywhere you chose.


Dave, Jodie, and Wyatt Snyder

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