Every day we hear from parents of children, as well as adults, with learning and behavioral problems.  Two of my three children had mild learning problems from vaccine damage, one daughter with mild ADD, and my son who ultimately was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  I feel a kinship with these desperate parents who have “tried everything.”  Our office team includes another mother of a vaccine-injured child.  Lindyl Lanham brings a professional background in special education with visually and multiply handicapped children to the table.  Her son was diagnosed at age 4 as “likely to need special education help the rest of his life.”   A few years later, he developed symptoms of Tourette Syndrome, a nervous system disorder with multiple involuntary movements, called “tics” and learning disabilities   She, too, tried everything, short of drugs for her son’s problems.  When one doctor suggested a drug that could cause his heart to stop, she asked if maybe that was not a good idea.  The answer she received was, “well, that doesn’t happen very often.”  After pointing out that it only had to stop once if it were the case with HER son, she walked away from the medical world to find her answers in alternative medicine in general, and homeopathy ultimately.

All our children have benefited from homeopathy, along with appropriate educational interventions.  All of our children are successful young adults, in college, grad school, and getting on with life with little or no evidence of disabilities – and without drugs!

Our collective personal and professional experiences have spurred us to dig through a great deal of medical and alternative research to find the causes behind so many of the all too common learning, language, developmental and behavioral problems seen today to help our clients.

A picture is gradually emerging that has already benefited our clients and our children.  For every causative factor we discover we are finding answers in homeopathy to improve our unique Houston Homeopathy Method, our approach to helping these many disabled or challenged children we now know as clients.  Our entire goal has been to help change the lives of these children for the better.

The Houston Homeopathy Method (HHM) has always been causation-oriented.  Most of the parents we encounter express frustration that the drugs and nutritional approaches they have tried are not working at the causation of their children’s problems, but merely treating test results with no tangible improvements in their children’s abilities or behaviors.  They are tired of temporary fixes, not to mention all the side effects they see.  Some have seen their children actually get worse after doing this or that supplement or biomedical intervention.  Their children’s allergies, asthma, chronic sinus and ear infections, digestive problems and other issues seem to get worse with every drug therapy prescribed, so they come to homeopathy for answers.  These problems just add to the difficulties of learning challenged children.  Still other parents come to us early on, as one of, if not their very first, intervention because they would rather avoid drugs, blood draws, IVs and experimental approaches which may or may not work – and may or may not add to their child’s problems.

Homeopathy steps up to the plate to change lives profoundly.  The HHM offers an amazingly multifaceted, broad-based approach to all sorts of chronic problems.  First, we are constantly bombarded by toxins such as mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde from vaccines, cooking utensils and storage systems, water, air and ground pollution, building materials, fluorescent lightbulbs, batteries and dental mercury amalgams.  In addition, every day we inhale, ingest, or are otherwise exposed to cell signals, electromagnetic radiation, biological pathogens, toxic and harmful processed food additives, etc.  Because we can’t just live in a bubble, there has to be a way to help the body detoxify itself to withstand the onslaught and minimize the damage – homeopathy can help with specific detoxification of pathogens, chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, and even effects of radiation of many types.  And to keep the process of detoxification going smoothly, we focus first on making sure that elimination is supported and the body’s filters are constantly being cleansed.  We can’t just start a process of release from cells without being sure that it will all eliminate as smoothly, gently and completely as possible all the way out of the system.

Homeopaths depend upon detailed descriptions of symptoms to determine which toxins may be present and causing problems.  This leans heavily on the homeopath to recognize each toxin and its symptoms, but it also eliminates the need for elaborate and expensive testing.  By examining the person’s history, from both a symptomatic and a causational viewpoint through our intake process, we can then begin to help the body get to the root of the problem.  Specific homeopathic remedies can be given that will gently and gradually nudge the body to eliminate specific toxins through its own natural mechanisms, such as sweat, mucus, urine and stools.

A common issue for children with learning problems is yeast infestation of the bowels.  These children often have sugar cravings, as well as craving breads, cheeses and other products of fermentation.  A typical ADD child’s preferred (though not beneficial!) diet often includes what we call “The Orange Diet”:  Orange soft drinks or artificially colored juice-like products,  cheesy orange items such as corn or potato chips with flavored coatings, “cheese” crackers that are typically orange, mac and cheese from a box, as well as craving the carbohydrates and natural glutamates found in chicken or tomatoes, hence, they will often crave spaghetti, pizza, and chicken.  The glutamates in the food colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavors give them a natural high.  Then to compound the problems, they are also craving those things which feed Candida albicans, a systemic yeast. In children with developmental or learning disorders, it is especially prevalent in the digestive tract.  Unfortunately, both the “natural high” of the excitotoxin glutamic acid combined with the toxins created by Candida albicans can add to their “spaciness,” memory problems, and inability to focus on task.

It has also been demonstrated by science that a breakdown of the normal bowel flora and proliferation of Candida inflames and eventually erodes the lining of the gut, rendering it unable to produce the amino acids required to digest and absorb proteins.  It is this protein absorption that feeds the brain’s communications centers.  These are the children who cannot focus because they cannot filter out extraneous sensory input.  In response to the excess stimuli they either withdraw into themselves, (“zoning out”) or in some cases, manifest their sensory overload with hyperactivity, self-stimulation or obsessive, ritualistic behaviors.

Evidence from the work of William Shaw, Ph.D., and many others, shows that the more prevalent the yeast in children, the more severe their behavioral manifestations seem to be.  Physiologically, the Candida itself can manifest as alternating diarrhea and constipation, or chronic diarrhea or constipation, and can contribute to more serious problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Crohn’s disease in extreme cases.

The Houston Homeopathy Method can offer an alternative to the typical conventional anti-fungal drugs in two ways.  First, our homeopaths are “whole-health, whole-life specialists.”   We see lifestyle issues such as stress relief, healthy diet and living conditions as central to good health.  We advise that sugar, wheat flours and yeast products be eliminated as much as possible, and pesticide exposure be reduced through organic foods as a primary food source.

Second, homeopathic detoxification can cleanse remnants of previous antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs from the system, decrease the levels of Candida in the system, and re-establish the balance of normal healthy bowel flora.  We also use certain homeopathic remedies made from healthy tissues, to “remind” damaged tissues to return to their normal, healthy state.   While focusing on long-term detoxification and healing, we individually match remedies to each client’s picture to give more immediate symptom relief.  This, too, is one of the greatest miracles of homeopathy.  We can also recommend or provide probiotics that can aid in restoring the healthy flora to the system to help turn the balance back from the unhealthy to healthier flora.

Sometimes dramatic changes occur very quickly.  In other cases, it may take several weeks or months before significant changes occur.  In either case, we are always looking for long-term solutions and return of health, rather than lives tied to prescription drugs.

For children whose allergies may also be worsening their concentration, tics, behavior or learning problems, we can use homeopathic remedies made from allergens to help desensitize from their common allergen triggers.  We have seen many children with mild to severe asthma eliminate inhalers and nebulizers as their symptoms are controlled by one set of remedies within days or weeks.  Over the longer term, they shed mercury and aluminum from their systems and their allergic reactions greatly diminish to almost nothing.  This too enhances a child’s ability to learn and function in the classroom.

For over 200 years homeopathy has offered drug-free, successful alternative answers to plagues and epidemics.  For the new epidemics of the 21st century, the Houston Homeopathy Method offers healthy, side-effect free answers to modern problems such as the current “epidemic” of autism, ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome and other neurological and learning disorders.

And as we face uncertainty from man-made or man-altered viruses and bacteria, homeopathy will continue to do what it has for 200 years – treat the cause based on the individual symptoms.  Individualized, systematic medicine is the only answer to today’s complex health issues.  Homeopathy doesn’t just step up to the plate.  It has 200 years and millions of home-runs in its past.  The Houston Homeopathy Method can help all sorts of learning problems, and has given hope and help to hundreds since its beginnings in 1998.  Call us – life can be better for you, and for your child.

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