My grandson’s entire class seemed to have been coming down with “hand, foot and mouth” disease. My grandson finally succumbed and I knew there was nothing medically to be done except wait it out. He was already having quite a bit of pain in his mouth.

Having sold homeopathic remedies in a small integrative pharmacy, and used them myself for many years, I asked one of the HCH homeopaths if there were any remedies for hand, foot and mouth disease. She asked about his symptoms, pulled together a few remedies and my son-in-law picked them up. My daughter started him on the remedies as suggested, and by the next day he had far less mouth pain and a lower fever, and two days later he was totally back to normal.

The rest of his classmates who had the horribly painful mouth ulcers and fevers were all miserable for nearly a week, and some missed school for as long as 10 days. Needless to say, it saved him from a week of miserable suffering, and missed school. Since he’s a great student and very active, he was thrilled to not miss as much school as all of his friends, and even happier not to be suffering as long.

Homeopathy has been part of our family’s lives for years, but this was such an amazing thing to watch – especially after hearing about so many of his other friends staying sick and miserable for such a long time! While my grandson has earned many sports, cultural and talent awards, I have to wonder if he has now set a new world’s record for recovery from hand, foot and mouth – with a little help from homeopathy!

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