I started visiting a classical homeopath when C. was 2 because she had severe molluscum on her torso and was very surprised at how quickly C. responded to the chosen remedy (Silica) and how much her skin improved after using it. This gave me the confidence to go to the homeopath instead of the doctor for any earache, cough, fever, etc., which came up and for all of these types of problems I thought that classical homeopathy was excellent. The classical homeopath observed her very difficult behavior on visits and suggested that she try and work with her to see if she could help – we continued working with her about 6 years in total.

My observations of Classical Homeopathy in relation to Autism are as follows:

  • There was a gap of about 8-10 weeks before the next remedy was considered
  • This made the process feel very slow and it felt like ‘wasted time’ if the remedy had not been a good fit
  • It didn’t feel like I had the luxury of wasting any time considering my daughter’s childhood seemed to be slipping away
  • C. is extremely sensitive and some of the aggravations after a classical remedy were very difficult for her to tolerate – both emotionally and physically
  • We definitely made some progress using Classical but it was over a long period of time
  • Autism is so complex and exists in a child for so many physical reasons it quite often felt like we were ‘ stabbing in the dark’ when trying to find the right remedy

We started with HCH after 6 years of classical homeopathy

  • I had done a small amount of Biomedical with C. using supplements, etc., so was very familiar with the basis of the approach they were using to combat viruses, yeast, etc. and it all made perfect sense to me.
    Benefits of using the Houston Homeopathy Method(HHM) of Sequential Homeopathy:
  • There is a multi-faceted approach to healing the body rather than trying to tackle one issue at a time
  • Ongoing support remedies are used which makes the ‘clearings’ much more comfortable and tolerable for the child
  • There is a much greater knowledge from the homeopath of expected clearing reactions which is useful and comforting for the parent to know in advance

The gains we have seen in C. over these last two years are immense and sometimes hard to really put into words but I shall try:

  • She looks healthier; she has grown physically in both height and weight after seeming to be ‘stuck’ for a while before starting with HCH
  • She has much more facial expression and smiles and laughs much more readily
  • She is not content to be a spectator of life now – she wants to participate and lets me know this so we can work out strategies so she can get involved
  • She likes to go out for family meals now and enjoys dressing up nicely to go to a restaurant and has started ordering for herself on a good day!
  • She asks us questions and is interested in our opinions
  • She initiates conversations all the time and likes to tell you about funny things that have happened in school as well as any things that have worried her
  • She has become aware of her strengths as well as her weaknesses and has grown in self-confidence because of this
  • She is now almost fully mainstreamed with just a little extra support and interacting more and more with her mainstream peers as she becomes comfortable in the environment
  • Her relationship with her Dad (who works away a lot) has grown beyond measure. Now she is happy to spend time with him and play games with him and holds his hand quite happily.
  • More often than not she sleeps through the night (That improvement should probably have been giving top billing given the difference it has made to all of us)

I fully believe that C. is on a journey to recovery. Our life as a family is completely transformed now that we have a happy and healthy daughter who is, in the words of Temple Grandin’s mother, DIFFERENT BUT NOT LESS.

I., Mom of C.

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