“Our son is on the Autism Spectrum.  He was diagnosed before he turned two years old. The exact words we received were: “your son has very severe autism, possibly mental retardation”.

We were devastated. Anyone in that situation knows that there are a lot of questions we as parents have but the answers are incredibly limited and difficult to find.

One of the things we found after a lot of research was the importance of what we feed to our kids. We also learned about supplements and next we learned about how fundamental is to help our kids‘ bodies to detox. Naturally that information brought up even more questions.

The answers we were looking for came from the Homeopathic Center of Houston.  The practitioners at HCH fully understand the challenge we parents have and they bring answers in the form of a better understanding of how the body heals.  Since our son’s issues occurred via regression, the idea of sequential homeopathy really resonated with us.  It allowed us to go back to the beginning and rebuild his healing process from the point of regression forward.  Sounds simple because the homeopaths at HCH explain this in a way that parents understand and can translate into a plan that although intricate at times, is a logical and chronological plan.

One point to consider is that the building of the timeline is a form of soul searching that can be difficult because a past that involves an insult to your child can be a very difficult rehash of events.  But the homeopaths at HCH keep the end goal in mind, which is the healing of your child, that definitely keeps us motivated and focused.  We would be lost without HCH and are so grateful to them for what we have learned about our son, we as parents, and we as people.

We still have a lot of work to do, but knowing we are doing it with guidance, gives us a lot of relief and hope. Max remains non-verbal, although he’s still working hard to change that. However, he no longer has any sensory issues, almost non-sleeping issues, no behavioral problems at all, the OCD is almost gone, he’s actually becoming the most flexible guy ever! Has no challenges academically in school, he’s very social, friendly, respectful, compassionate, loves to learn about different things, is a phenomenal traveler, doesn’t need electronics to keep himself busy, loves to read books, rides horses, plays the piano, plays basketball and baseball, is learning to become a DJ, attends symphony concerts, opera, ballet, theater plays, musical shows, rock concerts, goes to movie theaters and restaurants with no issues and full of joy and delight. Max is showing inclination for the culinary arts field, and we have begun taking the first steps on that road. There is no way to express the happiness of knowing that your child will attend upper school and very likely will earn a living on his own.

The most important thing however, is that he no longer is in pain. All of that thanks to HCH, and that as parents, is absolutely priceless to us.

And one more thing – We have always liked doing things more naturally. Our son has never been on any conventional drugs – thanks to how gentle homeopathy is, yet how powerfully it works!

Keep the hard work, trust your instinct, respect the healing process, and learn about sequential integrative homeopathy. Soon you’ll discover what a blessing that is.”  – J. & E.S.

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