This one dietary tip could greatly reduce anxiety, PANDAS or OCD.

Much research has been devoted to the role of streptococcus in anxiety, OCD, and PANDAS/PANS.  From a homeopathic perspective, we are taught nuances of many substances, including pathogens, from our literature.  Even a tiny amount of the wrong substance can greatly hamper the healing responses. If you eliminate just one ingredient from your diet, you may greatly reduce anxiety.

One of the neurological effects of some streptococcus species can include high levels of anxiety, behaviors, and rituals to try to control the anxiety. In our experience, two such unexpected sources can be from probiotics and yogurt.  Who would have thought? Many probiotic combinations contain streptococcus thermophilus (often abbreviated “S. therm.”).  And virtually all commercially produced yogurts and kefir as well as some yogurt starters include this same species.

Reducing your intake of S. therm. may help reduce anxiety, PANDAS and OCD.

When there is a constant influx of any pathogen that the body is already trying to eliminate, it is very difficult for homeopathy’s gentle detoxification to get a sufficient response.  No matter the source, (diet, environment, illness or a vaccine) streptococcus forms may increase anxiety in some people.  We don’t fault the manufacturers for what they are doing. But we have seen remarkable improvements when our clients eliminate this species from their dietary supplements or stop eating commercial yogurt. For some people this may not be a problem. But S. therm. can be anxiety-producing for those who are streptococcus carriers, or exhibit high levels of anxiety or OCD tendencies. We may not be able to reduce anxiety until S. therm. is eliminated from the diet.

If you still crave yogurt or kefir, several options are available for homemade yogurt starters. There are innumerable probiotic combinations on the market without S. therm.  As with many things in life, you must read the “fine print” on the label in order to avoid these substances. But the payoff may be startlingly helpful at reducing anxiety. Consequently, reading the label may reduce anxiety!

If you’d like to a more permanent answer to reduce your anxiety, the Houston Homeopathy Method offers deeper, longer lasting answers.  Give us a call! We can help.


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