In working with children with autism, some days are definitely better than others, but the full moon can be especially challenging.   The behavior of many of the children worsens during the period of a full moon due to the presence of parasites, whose activity increases during the full moon period.  This is true individually, and often across the board.  A couple of years ago we made a change in our approach to parasites in our clients.  We knew we were on to something when our autistic kids’ behaviors didn’t come unglued at the full moon.  Not only that, but that full moon brought us many positive, enthusiastic reports from parents.

Children with autism are not easy to work with in any realm.  With homeopathy, the immune system is our primary tool, and most of the kids come to us with very little of their immune system functioning well. They are overburdened with viruses, bacteria, fungi, drug side effects, and are very toxic.  Parasites love toxic, inflamed hosts.  These kids have been found to have sky high levels of everything from petrochemicals, jet fuel, and pesticides to every heavy and toxic metal you could consider, often with a downside of inflaming mucus membranes, such as the gut lining.  They are, as some of my medical colleagues say, immunological train wrecks.

There is a happier saying in homeopathy circles, “If you’re breathing, homeopathy will help you.”  In children who have autism, we notice that most have done nearly every therapy out there, including many psychotropic drugs. Those drugs are constantly being found by the medical world to be “ineffective, if not detrimental to behavior and health of this subgroup (Autism).”  We have seen many of the kids that virtually every well respected biomedical expert in autism has worked with.  Two different childred we’ve worked with and previously seen and been dismissed or given up on by over 20 different autism biomedical experts before coming to us.  A few were pronounced “hopeless” or “the most difficult, unyielding case I’ve ever seen.”  The parents refer to their non-responder children as the “tough nuts (to crack0.”  Some of our parents have been told to put the child “away in an institution and forget you ever had him/her.” Even with a bleak medical prognosis, these children respond to homeopathy.  While it isn’t a short term approach, or always a smooth road to travel, the children are improving, nearly 100 have fully recovered and the Houston Homeopathy Methid is getting better and better at smoothing out the wrinkles on the way to recovery.

The day after that encouraging full moon was a day that led me to remark, “This is a GREAT day!”  A full moon is often a tough time at the office due to many factors, including parasites and the effects of their full moon activity on the gut-mediated neurotransmitters.  Parents typically call in with concerns that their kids are eating indigestible objects, throwing things, pitching tantrums, having accidents, and “just acting weird.”   We’ve kept our sense of humor, as do our parents, once they realize it’s a full moon.  After all, we were the first practice in autism circles to actually discuss openly the role of parasites in children with autism with the goal of healing the gut and actually making autistic kids WELL (YES, Virginia, there IS RECOVERY!).

I was exceedingly grateful that full moon was uplifting and hopeful.  Since then, we’ve added even more to our bag of tricks to out-trick parasites and eliminate them even in some of the most sensitive children we work with.  Our “toughest nuts” with autism have provided us with report after report of progress in the past few years – more language, improved vision, more spontaneous responses, better cognitive function, choosing letters off a keychain that were never taught and using them in a sentence as the start of a word (example: “X is for X-ray”), artwork that is starting to normalize…It’s so much fun to hear!

I also had a mom tell me, “We were spending time with our new neighbors and she remarked that if I hadn’t told her my son had problems in the past, she would never think a thing of it – he’s a normal kid – and even nicer than most!”

The Houston Homeopathy Method’s constantly updated and improving approach, combining sequential homeopathy, German Biological medicine, and yes, a multi-faceted approach to parasites and the behaviors and gut inflammation they cause, continues to relieve autistic kids of gut pain, improve their behaviors and lead them on the path of healing and recovery.  We’ve found some deeply effective answers to some of the last vestiges of problems that have been part of these children’s lives, and they are getting better – and RECOVERING from autism – by leaps and bounds.  And yes…we have the best jobs in the world!!!!

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