Why would a 200 year old form of Western medicine be included in a book about “Cutting Edge Therapies”?  The Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism has been cutting edge since its inception.

The Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism
Our homeopaths were among the very first to attend biomedical practitioner trainings with Defeat Autism Now® since January 2003.  We were – and are still – the only homeopathic method for autism to be based on the biomedical research and treatment models in autism.  We have been the homeopathic innovators in autism since our first Defeat Autism Now® training in January 2003 and have continued to research autism and continuously update our homeopathic methodology to incorporate new and innovative methods for autism.

We offer our unique Sequential Homeopathic “timeline clearing” method which helps sweep out toxins and pathogens, and vaccine and drug residue to reduce the burden on the immune system.  We have developed many proprietary remedy combinations based upon the many special requirements for daily support and clearing of damaged and malfunctioning detoxification pathways.

We have a successful program of digestive tract support and rebuilding using custom and proprietary daily remedies, and our latest innovations have included attention to the poly-microbial problems of autism including a focus on high levels of bacterial and viral pathogens common to autism, a new cytokine/inflammation therapy to reduce chronic inflammation systemically, attention to Lyme and its co-infections in tick-borne diseases, and multiple other additions to our homeopathic toolbox to make the detoxification and healing process more complete, and more comfortable than ever before possible, even with our gentle method in the past.

Nearly 100 children who came to us with an autism, PDD-NOS or Asperger’s Syndrome have completely lost their diagnosis and are living life as neurotypical children, catching up quickly and even surpassing their age peers in academics and social skills.  Hundreds more have had improved health, communications, mood, and much more.  Dozens more are working towards recovery.

The homeopaths at Homeopathy Center of Houston are fully dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge forefront of autism and other chronic diseases.  Other homeopathic approaches have come and faded from the autism scene, but the Houston Homeopathy Method continually strives to improve outcomes and remain at the forefront of research, clinical innovation and success for autism.

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