If your child’s “stims” have you climbing the walls, here are some tips for Stimmy Kids in Autism to help!

What are stims? The word comes from “self-stimulation” – which actually is a misnomer. Many of the behaviors seen as “stims” or “typical autism behaviors” may have their basis in the child’s environment, or from internal pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or parasites.  Others may be reactions to physical pain or sensations. Houston Homeopathy Method offers help through sequential homeopathy for many of the “stims” by addressing them at the root.  But here are some tips that might help you find some peace through things you can do to improve your child’s diet or environment.

Some so-called “stims” like head-banging are actually a reaction to pain, and in that case, typically it means headache pain or gut pain.  This is always a “red flag” to us that a child is in severe pain, so it is a strong immediate focus of our approach.  Sometimes a strict gluten-free/casein-free diet will greatly improve gut distress and its associated behaviors.

Scratching, biting or intense lashing-out at others, or wrist biting can indicate pain such as reflux or heartburn. We have a number of options for temporary relief, but long term recovery is one of the top ten things we are “famous” for, through sequential homeopathy.

Aggression can be indicative of pain, but can also be driven by reactions to MSG, food colorings, preservatives or other additives in the diet.  A “clean” organic, chemical-free diet is always our recommendation for children with autism or other vaccine injury. And if you can’t pronounce it, probably it’s not healthy for anyone to eat it.

Using organic, human-friendly, non-toxic cleansers at home may help reduce stims and improve attention and social interaction. So check your laundry detergents, shampoos and soaps – and don’t spray that cologne near your autistic child! If you can smell it, or can’t pronounce the ingredients, it could be a culprit. You may be surprised at what can set off a spate of stims, tics, or stims.

Does your child flap his hands wildly or hold them in odd positions in front of his eyes and scream “eeeeeeeeeeee?” When was the last time s/he ate fast food or highly processed foods? Often this behavior is related to excitotoxins such as MSG, artificial food additives, colorings or flavorings. Simply cleaning up the diet often eliminates or greatly reduces such behaviors. It can also be an indicator of overgrowth of parasites of various sorts.

Professional Clean-up Required – Don’t Try This At Home!

The following behaviors help us discern which pathogens might be a problem requiring deeper cleansing through sequential homeopathy.

  • Are the behaviors worse around the full moon or the new moon? Either way, parasites may be behind any generalized behavioral worsening that occurs in a 4-week cycle. Obsession with water play, mud, fecal smearing or saliva play that cannot be redirected easily is another indicator of parasite presence. We have developed a non-toxic, gentle program that has resulted in parasite reduction for hundreds of clients over the past decade. (You might enjoy reading “The Best Full Moon Ever!”)
  • Does s/he climb on furniture, or constantly jump? He may have measles virus surfacing.
  • Does s/he repeat the last phrases of videos or your last conversations? You might want to check for strep titers or possibly clostridia.
  • Is your child’s behavior impossible to redirect? Whatever your child’s “stimmy” behavior, if it’s difficult or impossible to redirect her, we always consider whether or not there is an underlying obsession or compulsion. If so, we consider addressing some bacterial overloads.

Each child’s autism is a unique manifestation of behaviors and what’s behind them. The tips above come from our observations and experience with some of these more common “stims” what is behind them and what has helped them.  In our consults, communications of the parents’ observations of “stims” and other behaviors are greatly helpful in determining why various behaviors are present, and which pathogens are present in the system can be discerned and addressed by the The Houston Homeopathy Method. Since 2002, we have offered the first and only cutting edge sequential homeopathic approach to be based upon the full biomedical model of autism – the Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism. Call us today and we’ll do our best to “de-stim” your “stimmy” child!


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